UPDATE: Ken Kratz: A Third Woman Emerges, Tells of Sexual Harassment in Drug Case

UPDATE (9/22/10, 2:57 p.m.): A fourth woman is said to be ready to talk about how she was harassed by Kratz; Kratz’ mouthpiece says any female accusers are only after money. Ha.)

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It’s getting worse. I ain’t lying. Now it’s been shown that Kratz has been harassing women since at least 2008.

A group of Calumet County citizens have already written a letter of complaint to the governor, asking that Kratz be replaced in office.

This video was from Tuesday morning’s Good Morning, America. Governor Jim Doyle was on; it appears that he is going to enforce his constitutional prerogative to get rid of erring officeholders like Kratz, despite all the naysayers who claim lame-duck Governor Doyle doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. What is it going to take, the fourth or the tenth woman to step forward and tell of harassment? Kratz has got to go.

It’s becoming evident that the State Department of Justice dropped the ball on this. It was not only the Office of Lawyer Regulation’s problem, but Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s problem. Van Hollen in particular is buck passing. Somewhere along the line, the case fell conveniently through the cracks, and Kratz, who is also a Republican, was never disciplined. Why?

I don’t think that Governor Doyle is trying to make this into something political in this election year. It became political when Van Groll filed a police complaint. Doyle was once the Dane County prosecutor and then was attorney general of Wisconsin; I think that he honestly feels that such behavior tends to besmirch the reputation of the offices that he once held. Would you blame him?

I would not be surprised if Ken Kratz is motivated by porn and sex addiction. Something is not happening in his home life; I mean, hey, he’s divorcing. He was and is totally out-of-control. People who don’t separate their personal and business/career lives, especially that of a political officeholder, are going to eventually get into big trouble.

From the Associated Press:

A law student said Tuesday that a Wisconsin prosecutor under fire for sending racy text messages to a domestic abuse victim also sent her similar texts in 2008 after agreeing to help her seek a pardon for a decade-old drug conviction.

Maria Ruskiewicz said she believes Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz wanted sexual favors in return for supporting her pardon. She said she met Kratz in his office in 2008, and afterward, the Oklahoma City University law student said Kratz sent her text messages that soon turned harassing, including one that asked how she would please him in bed.

Did she keep those messages like Stephanie Van Groll? I hope that she did, because that is evidence.

Ruskiewicz is the third woman to come forward with allegations that Kratz acted inappropriately as district attorney.

“The reason why I’m coming forward is he abuses his power, not only with women, but with women in certain situations who are extremely vulnerable to his authority,” Ruskiewicz, 31, an Appleton native, told The Associated Press in a phone interview. Gov. Jim Doyle pardoned her last month, a move Kratz supported.

Ruskiewicz also has witnesses who could corroborate her story. Credible witnesses.

Ruskiewicz said she went to Kratz in 2008 asking for his support for her pardon application and career advice before she entered law school. She said Kratz agreed to support her and they met in his office, where he asked her an odd question about whether a boss could have a sexual relationship with a secretary. She was confused but grateful for his support.

He gave her his cell phone number, and she texted him later to thank him for the help — a move she now calls a mistake.

She said his messages soon turned sexual. She recalled him texting while he was on vacation in Michigan with his family asking how she would “please him between the sheets while he takes a nap.”

Ruskiewicz said she didn’t know to respond because she did not want to alienate Kratz, who was critical for her pardon. After discussing the matter with relatives, she politely told him she was not interested and he said he would stop.

She said she didn’t hear from him for a couple of months but then got a message where he demanded they meet “in person,” a request she said was disturbing. At the time, she was just starting law school at Oklahoma City University of Law, where she plans to graduate in May.

Deborah Felice, the associate dean for students at the law school, said she met with Ruskiewicz at her request on Sept. 25, 2008, to discuss how to handle the messages.

“She said she was very upset because she was pursuing a pardon and the DA she was working with was sending her these text messages that were basically stalking her,” Felice said, adding that she was shown some of the messages.

Felice said she and Ruskiewicz met with the university’s top lawyer on Sept. 30 to discuss the case. They ultimately decided the best course of action was to ignore Kratz and hope that he would go away, which eventually happened.

Meanwhile, Emily Mills, a columnist for the Isthmus, Madison’s alternative newspaper, has called for Kratz’s removal.

Kenneth Kratz took gross advantage of his position of power over a woman who was already dealing with the difficult aftermath of being assaulted by a boyfriend. The content of his messages to her, and the fact that he also apparently played a similar game with the woman he later dated briefly (while still married, I wonder?), tells me Kratz is probably a habitual offender – someone in desperate need of serious repercussions.

No paid medical leave, no fat severance or retirement benefits for this bastard. Throw the bum out! It’ll give him more time to focus on all that therapy he claims to want.

Too late for the first, perhaps, but the other two might yet be arranged.

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