UPDATE: President Obama Coming to UW Madison Tuesday, September 28

What a difference two years makes…this was the scene in the election year of 2008 at the Kohl Center.

UPDATE (9/24/10): If you are attending the President’s appearance, get there early and remember that you must  enter Library Mall through Park and Bascom. Those of you not attending be mindful that traffic will be understandably slow around the University area for most of the day.  If you have business there on Tuesday, get it done as early as possible, or reschedule.  An estimated 15,000 people will be attending, according to Channel 3000.

President Obama will be the first president to visit the campus since Harry S. Truman in 1950, sixty years ago.

From the State Journal:

President Barack Obama’s rally on Tuesday will be held on Library Mall, an outdoor venue that connects the UW-Madison campus to State Street, according to the Democratic National Committee.

The event will be open and not ticketed, although the committee is asking people to RSVP to this website: http://wi.barackobama.com/MadisonRally.

The site will open at 3:30 p.m. and the program will start at 4:45 p.m.

Organizers are encouraging people to take public transportation and asking them not to bring bags. Musician Ben Harper will also perform.

The event is the first of four rallies Obama has planned through swing states, those considered crucial in the Nov. 2 election.

Naturally, the College Republicans are planning something in response, although the College Democrats have not been asked to co-sponsor this event.

Stephen Duerst, chair of UW’s College Republicans said the group is planning a demonstration for the rally, but they have yet to decide exactly what it will be.

The main reason for action by the College Republicans, Duerst said, is to demonstrate to the City of Madison and Dane County in general that another viewpoint is present and people have the option of voting more conservatively.

“I think showing the students on campus as well as the state that this is a Republican year and that Republicans are excited is the number one objective,” he said.

Yeah, but don’t be jerks. He is still the President and is deserving of respect, even as an election opponent. So leave the nastiness and the ‘Bagger contingent home.

I may just check this appearance out, since I’ve never seen President Obama before (I have seen Presidents Clinton and Carter). I’m sure that I would probably have to get over to the Library Mall by noon and scope out a decent place to squat. The place is going to be packed with or without the national and local media, the Secret Service, and of course, scores of people, students and non-students alike. It’s going to be like an extended picnic out there.

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