The Next to the Last Word on Bethany Storro

This guy is just like me, a lone voice in a wilderness of blogs and videos. Yet what he said spoke volumes about what a lot of black people think about this whole outrageous affair. (And no, he isn’t saying the Eff Bomb every second, but I wouldn’t play it at work except with headphones.)

Bethany Storro may indeed be remorseful about the hoax she concocted on her city and the world, but I haven’t heard word one from her or her reportedly Christian fundamentalist mother (the Neuwelts allegedly have a black son-in-law with Storro’s sister) about an apology to the African American community in Vancouver. Because there were rumors and reports that several black women ‘fitting the description’ of the composite sketch were questioned or were picked up by police and then released. One woman, Leann Johnson, went into hiding because she fit the description. A century ago, black women were lynched for merely ‘sassing’ or physically defending themselves against the actions of white women. There were active calls for citizens to commit hate crimes in the Vancouver area from more extreme elements. The whole atmosphere was tense and close to poisonous. Whether you know it or not, the Pacific Northwest is a hot bed for white, right-wing and Christian supremacist groups.

Now, everyone feels “sad” for Storro, as if to hide their complicity behind her craziness. It boggles my mind how much whites refuse to acknowledge or understand the racism in this case, as in previous cases involving whites who claimed blacks had attacked them, starting with how fast people believed this woman’s story. And I cannot repeat this enough: what if one or two innocent black women had been maimed or murdered before Storro finally decided to ‘fess up? Would Storro’s defenders have all felt “sad” at a development like this where blacks are killed for no reason at all except that they were black? No one, it appears, wants to talk about such a possibility, and the need to maintain a rational mind.

Which is what the video is essentially saying…

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From NBC’s Today Show:

In court papers, Storro is quoted as saying she was trying to kill herself, or at least get a new face, when she put caustic drain cleaner on her face Aug. 30. She admitted last week her injuries were self-inflicted.

Storro had claimed said she was splashed in the face with the liquid near the Esther Park area of downtown Vancouver.

“I thought there would be no evidence of me doing it to myself,” Storro told police, according to NBC affiliate KGW TV of Portland Ore. “And then you guys — I thought that you guys would give up on trying to find the person and it would be done,” court documents showed.

Court documents showed Storro said she self-administered the acid to her face with drain cleaner purchased in a local hardware store. Storro bought a pair of gloves at the time, records showed, according to KGW TV’s report.

Storro told a detective that at first, she was trying to kill herself. Secondly, she stated, if that proved not to be fatal, then she could get her face redone, KGW TV reported.

“Then when I realized it wasn’t killing me, I thought maybe this was the answer to all my problems. To have a completely different face,” she said.

Clark County prosecutor Tony Golik is going forward with prosecuting Bethany Storro with theft in her receiving thousands of dollars of contributions, even from her employer, Safeway, and from local businesses and concerned residents.

From the Vancouver Voice:

The three theft counts are for taking over $750 from three parties: Michael Kite, a California resident who gave Storro $1,000 using a Pay Pal account, Anytime Fitness, which held a fundraiser for Storro, and Safeway, where Storro worked. Because the offenses were committed against victims who were “acting as a Good Samaritan,” the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney is seeking a sentence above the standard sentencing range — three to five months. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tony Golik said in convicted, Storro’s sentencing will be up to the discretion of the judge, who could sentence her up to five years for each count.

For all the people who claim that jail isn’t the answer for Storro, realize that prisons also include wings for those inmates needing psychological help and therapy. Hearing-impaired Bethany Storro, with her obsession with beauty, who imagined a jealous black woman who saw her as a pretty girl, needs to know that there are consequences for blaming the equivalent of a hate crime on blacks or people of color. Her racism is nothing less than the manifestation of a mental illness.

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  1. This pathetic, racist loser, Storro, lied on a Black person to avoid responsibility for criminal behavior just as many non-Blacks do. In recent times, Susan Smith, Charles Stuart, Bonnie Sweeten, Narjes Golabbakhsh and many others blamed a Black person because they know the mainstream media will heavily promote the incident and cops and the general white public will believe their implausible tales due to racist stereotypes. Storro is still lying by claiming that the intent behind smearing her fugly face with drain cleaner was to commit suicide; she was wearing rubber gloves when the cops found her!. No one hoping to die worries about protecting his/her hands, and obviously applying draino topically won’t kill anybody. This was premeditated for big bucks; she’s a typical delusional, racist, phony white woman who needs to constantly feel elevated above Black women to feel any self-worth! The mainstream media adds to their sense of entitlement by constantly putting them on a pedestal and excusing away all the terrible actions of any white woman yet showing no compassion toward any Black woman. Notice that despite her deception, white folks are still having a pity party for her and ignoring the huge racial component of her lies. Her racist claim also comes across as bitter and vindictive; her ex-husband probably left her for a Black woman!!


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