That American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning “Tongue” Ad Spot

I’ve seen this a couple of times now in Mad City, and it doesn’t fail to make me laugh.

AdFreak has the tale, dated August 20:

It’s high summer, and much of the land is drowning in perspiration. I sure am. My shirt’s soaked through, and I’m swimming in my shorts. Too much information? Let’s chill with a spot from Carmichael Lynch that breaks in the fall. Tongues get stuck to railings and faucets because the house is freezing without an American Standard heating system. Understandably, screaming ensues. Especially when the tongues are torn from folks’ mouths and start flying around and slapping their former owners upside the head. Well, I might have imagined that last bit. Heat plays tricks on the mind. Though a scene like that would’ve added some heat to this tepid approach.

Temperatures are beginning to lower over here in Cheeseland (don’t let the floods fool you that it’s Indian summer time). Sometimes we have highs of 60° and lows of below 40° at night.  Yes, moving into October, this is fall weather.

Naturally, heating companies and stores like American Standard are trying to remind people about the condition of their boilers and furnaces, and to encourage them to get things done now rather than in the dead of winter when snow is going to be top heavy and not something to be playing around.

Remember, we had a couple of blizzards last winter, and it certainly wasn’t cute.

I think this ad would make anyone think twice about having a heating breakdown.  Really.

Better make sure you’re not stuck, now or in the future.

~ by blksista on September 27, 2010.

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  1. So funny. I wish all commercials were as entertaining.


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