UPDATE: Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande, Two of the Four Plaintiffs Against Bishop Eddie Long, Speak Out

UPDATE (9/30/10, 8:27 a.m.): I’ve changed the title of the post to reflect that both Parris and LeGrande are speaking out.

UPDATE (9/30/10, 2:00 a.m.):  Spencer LeGrande, the fourth accuser, has also given an interview to a Charlotte, N.C. news station.  See below.

This is the full interview.

Other than to say that B.J. Bernstein did not sanction this interview, and has never wanted her clients to talk, there is nothing for me to add.

This time, Parris is persuasive.  Very persuasive.  However, Bernstein needs to call each of her young clients to tell them to shut up under any circumstances, or the next one to talk may not be so believable.

Parris was tracked down by a Fox News reporter from Atlanta, Dale Russell, to tell his side of the story.  For his efforts, media critics are now asking whether Russell coerced him into talking.

Meanwhile, word also came on Tuesday that Bishop Long tried to get the Atlanta DA to drop the charges against Maurice Robinson, one of the young men who burgled his office a couple of months ago.

Furthermore, Bishop Long also had an Atlanta penthouse office where he would meet his boys, possibly from the Long Fellows academy.  The management at the office building claimed that many young black men would come to visit Long at his office.  Whether it was also the scene of other, more illicit rendezvous remains to be revealed.  The blog Dime Wars has photos.

SMH. Just SMH at all this.

Like I said, I spoke too late.  Bossip.com offers a video of Spencer LeGrande from a Charlotte, N.C. news source.  He did tell his family and close friends about what happened with Long.  He seems equally credible.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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4 Responses to “UPDATE: Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande, Two of the Four Plaintiffs Against Bishop Eddie Long, Speak Out”

  1. Do people actually think that these boys are lying? Why would they? There is no doubt in my mind that Bishop Pimp Daddy Long is guilty as Hell. Black folks need to wake up. There are false prophets among us. People couldn’t tell that he was a religious pimp? Did they not see the pimp Bentley, the pimp jet and the pimp mansion? What about the pimp jewelry, and the Jeri curl? The pimp had everything he needed. Would he not want sex from his victims he groomed and manipulated from childhood? Certainly, he would. That’s what pimps do. Consider this, if Jesus returned to earth today would he arrive in a Bentley, private jet or some contemporary equivalent of an ass (no pun intended)? Would he live in a mansion of live among the poorest of mankind? Would he wear custom suit or modest clothes maybe from a thrift store? Would he have diamonds, pearls and gold jewelry? I think not! And, people believed that he was called by God? Prosperity preaching better known as pimp teaching. What a shame! Some Black folk will follow anybody. Wake up Black folks! Please!!!!!!


  2. Oh really! He tried to get charges dropped against one of the guys? Why the “good Samaritan” all of a sudden?


    • What gets me, Rippa, is that it was only one of the two young men. Was he playing favorites? Or was the young man who robbed the office with him not a Spiritual Son? Man, this trial can’t come fast enough.


  3. I’m glad you posted this. It broke my heart to hear this eloquent young man speak of the pain and abuse Eddie Long delivered.

    Dale Russell actually talked to Frank Ski this morning about the interview on V103. I don’t listen to V103 (I find Frank to be misogynistic and I hated how he gave airtime to Eddie Long at the end of his show) but I heard a recap. Dale told them that he was investigating New Birth for other reasons unrelated to the young men. During his investigation in August of this year, he was told about the young men who were being abused by EL. To date, there has been no response from EL about this interview. The only news from that side is that they hired an investigator who worked on the Natalie Holloway case (as if that inspires confidence in his abilities!). More likely it is an attempt to intimidate the young men. I feel they are very brave young men to come forward and wish them peace and justice.


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