Over a Million Hits to a Fox Affiliate to See This Video of Jamal Parris Saying Where and When Bishop Long Wanted Sex

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I thought the first was the last interview Dale Russell did with Jamal Parris, but when I saw it again, I noticed that there were distinct jumpcuts, which meant that there was stuff that the Fox News affiliate scissored out and some that it kept. Part of what was kept is what you see here.  They’re presenting the juicy bits, (as the Brits say) one by one, it appears. I got this from Rod 2.0; I was going to hit the hay, but this was too good to leave for tomorrow morning.

The Fox affiliate in Atlanta, WAGA-TV, was inundated with over a million hits to view this video.  The news readers and the journalist are in awe–and are as pleased as punch.   There is no way that the African American community isn’t interested in this case.  No way in the world.   Right now, Fox 5 News in Atlanta is probably the most internationally known, American local television news organization in the world.  Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen.  After all, this is still Faux Noise. A minister, multiple affairs with young men of his flock, race?  Faux (and the other local stations) are whipping this scandale du jour for all it is worth.  That’s what Murdoch is all about.

But other people like myself are viewing all this in yet another manner.

To add to this, a witness has also come forward, saying that he observed Bishop Long going to and from Anthony Flagg’s home.  This is the story from WXIA-TV 11 Alive:

Much of the legal case against Bishop Eddie Long is rooted in activity that allegedly occurred in a modest South DeKalb neighborhood — two doors down from where Leon Wright lives.

“Sometimes they were here for hours,” Wright said of Bishop Long and his neighbor of two years, Anthony Flagg.

Flagg is one of four young men who have sued the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The suit alleges that Bishop Long enticed Flagg into sexual activity in an unassuming tract home on a South DeKalb cul-de-sac.

The frequency of Bishop Long’s visits were “like a mail lady come to drop mail off,” Wright laughed. “It was every day, man.”

Wright says Bishop Long and Flagg were typically alone in the house when they were together. The suit says Andrew Momon owned the home. Momon is an official at New Birth. The house is now in foreclosure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ah yes, Andrew Momon.  Momon, 30, is the man who is named in all four complaints as being one of Bishop Long’s assistants, and may be a material witness.   Momon, head of athletics and sports at the Long Fellows academy, owned nearly all of the residences where the young men lived, and where Long may have had trysts with them under the guise of mentoring them.

Momon facilitated the purchase and delivery of automobiles for each of the young men. Momon was present during national and international trips when Long’s relationships with each of the young men became sexual and thereafter.  Each complainant says that Momon should have warned or protected each of them from what Long was planning. Watch. Momon has disconnected all of his phones and refuses to talk to the media.

Um, I don’t see Bishop Long appearing for his Sunday sermons at New Birth after a while. He claims he’s going to be there every Sunday; he appeared for a midweek convocation like a dragon with a wavering pilot light, and his congregants still gave him plaudits. I just don’t see it if revelations from one interview continue, or if other plaintiffs emerge. A smart guy with an iPad would have bowed out until he was “exonerated.” But a martyr he ain’t. And the Christ he ain’t either.

Seeing and hearing Parris and LeGrande speak for themselves has led a lot of people to say that these young men are credible and believable, though some are reserving judgment or hoping that Bishop Long will win out.  And it has opened up a lot of discussion both online and offline in the black community about the legacy and nature of black male rape; about the difference between homosexuality and male sex predators; about what constitutes a church and what constitutes a cult;  about mental and physical health after rape; about self-hatred of closeted gays and bisexuals; about sexual and mental maturity; about the difference between coercion and seduction; and about protecting black youth, male and female, from sexual abuse. And also about the question of the community acknowledging and bringing its LGBTs not only into the church but within its families, extended families, and in the community itself. This is a welcome and long-awaited moment, I think, but it is only the beginning.

This civil trial can’t come fast enough.

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  1. The filing I read had all the names of EL’s accomplices blacked out. I will look again to see if I can find clean copies. One of the news channels found out all the houses owned by Momon and went to a couple of them while on air. At one of the homes, someone peeped through the window but would not open the door. I am sure they will be tracking down anyone else named in the suit. There is too much dirt to hide.

    I agree that none of the young men should be speaking to the press at all. However, Parris showed himself to be eloquent and intelligent, probably not what EL supporters expected. I am sure just listening to this young man has enlightened some.


  2. Great post. It really is sickening to hear there was a man who did indeed facilitate Eddie’s behavior. How does he sleep at night ? What biblical verse is there that justifies his behavior ?


    • I wouldn’t be surprised if B.J. Bernstein is going to subpoena all of Long’s inner circle. I mean, legal discovery means ALL records–copies of records–have to be delivered up to the plaintiff’s attorney. Long needed someone to help him, and why not this young man? His name is all over the places where these young men say they were. Check the pdfs of the complaints in the first post; I think a woman is also involved, but her name hasn’t come up yet in the news.

      Like I said, that trial can’t come too soon.

      And I hope these young men don’t say anything more other than the interviews LeGrande and Parris have already given.


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