The “Faubourg Tremé” Screening Didn’t Happen Tonight

I thought I was going to have an interesting and enlightening evening over at the South Madison Branch Public Library. Instead, like a couple of dozen other enthusiasts, I was turned away because the Library hadn’t changed their calendar that the screening was not going to happen on October 1.

Instead, the screening happened on August 28, during the five-year commemoration of Katrina. But did they alter the calendar with the filmmakers? Hell, no.

This is the link to the screening calendar on the Faubourg Treme site.

This is the Faubourg Treme Facebook page.

Unlike these two sites, it’s been extremely hard to find the schedule of for the South Madison Branch Library. But this is the one for October.

I should have called the library first before telling folks about it, but I thought it was set in stone. At least 80-100 people visited this blog post, and a few of them calendared this date. My apologies to you all, but realize that I was just as floored and disappointed.

The film, however, is on DVD, and can be ordered through the Public Library system or at the Faubourg Tremé site.

But it is not the same as having that shared experience, and also having the presence of Dr. Richard Davis after the film to guide our thoughts after the showing.

~ by blksista on October 1, 2010.

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