George Soros Spending on Causes, Not Democrats

He was fed up with Bush and the Republicans, but his saving his billions on Dems during the midterms doesn’t mean that he has abdicated caring for liberal or progressive causes.  It’s just that he feels that he’s done believing that the Dems would effect a real change, and that small organizations like Human Rights Watch (he gave $100 million recently to that group) would do better.

“I don’t believe in standing in the way of an avalanche,” Soros, 80, told The New York Times in an appearance at a monetary management forum sponsored by the Bretton Woods Committee.

“I made an exception getting involved in 2004,” Soros told the newspaper. “And since I didn’t succeed in 2004, I remained engaged in 2006 and 2008. But I’m basically not a party man. I’d just been forced into that situation by what I considered the excesses of the Bush administration.”

Maybe he thinks like I do that the country probably needs to remember exactly what got them to ditch the GOP in the first place, but he’s not admitting that.  He does admit that he is not a party man.

Asked if the prospect of the Republican Party gaining back control of one or both houses of Congress concerned him, he replied, “It does, because I think they are pushing the wrong policies, but I’m not in a position to stop it.”

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  1. The biggest, most corrupt, and evil “rat” deserting the Dems’ sinking ship…we don’t want his dirty money…we don’t want him.


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