The Brett Favre Taiwanese Penis Cartoon Video (Complete with Subtitles)

Hey, I enjoy looking at a good penis like anyone straight or gay, but I don’t like someone unbidden sending me pictures of their penis in any position on my cell phone or exposing themselves otherwise in order to get a reaction. I’ve had this happen to me three times before: via cell phone, on a bus, and with a mechanic.  There is such a thing as penis politics, in which you keep it in your pants unless the woman is definitely interested.  Sexting your private parts is a gross out to many women, especially women who are simply not that into some guys who seem to want to turn any professional relationship or casual encounter into a free feel.

So when I heard about the latest Brett Favre misdeed that was exposed (no pun intended) by Deadspin, I forgot to shake my head. Dude is going through way too many mid-life crises for my taste. Add to this mix sexual harassment? Yeah, he may have been apologizing to his Vike teammates, but I can well imagine what the scene has been like at home with Deanna. I guess Favre thought he could do a Roethlisberger; that is, misbehave like the young guys do? Both of these guys need some serious headshrinking time at a therapist’s office. What they did in real time would land them in jail, branded as sex offenders in orange jumpsuits.

This cartoon, however, puts it all into perspective: the Packer Nation totally through with his shenanigans; his photographing and thus leading with his offending member; and Jenn Sterger‘s as well as the masseuses’ immediate  responses to all this infantile acting out. Who did the cartoon? A little joint called NMA News out of Taiwan.  They also did a couple of little gems about Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan that got them a little fame.

Brett Favre is going to have to make a decision pretty soon, and it has little to do with football, but everything to do with what and who he is. In other words, he’d better grow up, else everything that he has come to be synonymous with as a quarterback is going to burn to a crisp, along with his marriage. Football may be part of his life for a couple more lucky years, but I really wonder whether he’ll have any kind of life after football that is going to define him as a mature individual even within the game.

~ by blksista on October 16, 2010.

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