‘I Love My Hair’ from PBS’ Sesame Street (w/Update)


This is Chantylla Johnson who sang "I Love My Hair"


UPDATE (~1:30 p.m., Sunday):

According to Muppet Wiki, the girl singing this song is Chantylla “Chauncey” Johnson. She has also been featured on Broadway in The Color Purple as Young Nettie. The Sesame Street character has no name; Muppets like this are usually called Anything Muppets.

I doubt whether Sesame Street is attempting to tell the sistas to let that hair go back and nappy and lay off the creamy crack, as Chris Rock put it. Or the weaves and wigs. Rather, I think that it is telling the little black girls (as well as the big black girls) to love themselves.

Forget that Katy Perry bullshit.  This is real.  This is what Sesame Street is all about.  I wish this little song had been playing non-stop for black and biracial girl children fifty years ago.  I hope black women take this in, those of us who are still into weaves and wigs.  Don’t hide your natural beauty.  Let the sun shine on it, and you.  Your hair is your crowning glory.

Good morning, Madison. (Especially the South Side of Madison.)  Good morning, world. Good morning, Sunday.

~ by blksista on October 17, 2010.

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  1. I love it!


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