Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: Chef Rod Ladson of Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse of Middleton, WI; This Brother is Always Cooking Something Good

I saw the latest two-minute show/commercials that this brother, Chef Rod Ladson cooks up every other month for Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse in neighboring Middleton (Greenway Station) on Channel 15 this morning. I sat up and I swear I could smell the salmon steak broiling to perfection through to this side of the boob tube. Nice. If one sees the kinds of ingredients being utilized, and sees how one’s food is being prepared, naturally one’s mouth starts to water. The brother can indeed cook.

The one above is a year old, and probably is the first commercial Ladson did for Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse. It has over 7,000 hits. He also cooks recipes for filet marsala (made with beef filets), chicken picatta, and filet medallion trio, and shrimp Minelli, all within a little over two minutes.  For his recent salmon steak dish, he had his Latino assistant with him, sous chef Efren Martinez, sharing a little face time.

Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse is a little Midwest chain that has restaurants in Moline, IL and West Des Moines, IA for openers. Apparently, there were a couple of other chefs connected with the chain doing these little two-minute commercials. But there are more with Chef Ladson published online.

I’ve seen Ladson’s little commercials for about a year now; I’ve never been to the steakhouse myself, but I hope that before I blow this burg that I do, and during his shift. It all looks good, fresh, and inviting.   He also creates hot and cold salads as well as meaty pasta dishes.  I was surprised to find that his videos are easily accessible on YouTube as well for those of us who want that recipe, or indulge in some cooking porn (Asian, Steve Raichlen, vegetarian, Creole, healthy soul food, seafood).  Men, it is said, always make the best cooks.

I found that Madison Magazine did a story on Ladson earlier this year.  More yummy dishes are featured there, too:

Currently the Executive Chef at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, Chef Ladson also has two cooking segments each week on the local NBC 15 news station.  This is his second year participating in the American Liver Foundation’s Flavors of Madison event.  “The exciting part of the Flavors of Madison is that you get to be creative,” he said.  “You are showing people exactly what you are made of, and you are with all of the other top chefs in Madison, you always try to be very competitive.  I like being a part of it, with my peers, the other chefs”.

So who puts together these commercials? A guy named Joe Stadele, who makes his home in Mad City. He’s won a number of awards for his photography and locally-made commercials. He’s also produced commercials for The Purple Goose, a clothing shop located in Verona and downtown Madison, for Endurance House, a track and walking shoe shop; for Upper Iowa University; and for Takara (yum, yum), a Japanese restaurant located downtown and on the West Side. And for the Popeye’s Chicken local franchise. I wish I could have learned a bit more about Stadele, but join his You Tube page and you might hear about his music interests as well.

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