Mitrice Richardson: Okay, So Explain It to Me Again; Why Did The L.A. Sheriff’s Deputies Need Her Skull So Badly That They Got “Authorization” to Move Her Body?

I swear, that’s the million dollar question, coming from Anne Soble’s latest story from last week. Why were the Malibu Agoura Lost Hills sheriff’s deputies wanting to transport Mitrice’s skull (and possibly her remains) so quickly and without the coroner’s express permission?

On the issue of moving skeletal remains, Whitmore said, “When all the facts are out, it will be clear that there was no internal misconduct,” but this week he added another component to the discussion of the dispute that began in the Malibu Surfside News last week. The LASD media liaison said, “There may have been issues related to miscommunication [and] there are radio [communication] problems and the system could be more effective.”

Whitmore said the lead homicide detective on the Richardson case, Lt. Mike Rosson, received authorization from a DOC “captain” to remove the skull from the site, but Whitmore said, “I do not remember his name.

The News emailed Rosson to ask whether he knows the name of the person who gave him authorization, but the detective did not respond before the newspaper went to press and the online edition was posted.

The News has verified that the ranking DOC officer at the find location was Assistant Chief Ed Winter who, according to the sheriff’s spokesperson, was not the person who provided authorization, which raises the question, if there was a dispute about moving remains, might action have been taken in contravention of the ranking official’s determination? State law says the coroner is the only party to move dead bodies, or remains, unless it grants express authorization otherwise.

Whitmore said Richardson’s skull was taken from the site and transported to the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station, which was the command post for handling the remains. The sequence of moving the rest of the remains and subsequent returns to the site for bones missed previously has not been made public.

In addition, Whitmore acknowledged that there was confusion about the exact location where state park rangers, checking on an abandoned marijuana grove, stumbled upon Richardson’s remains

SMDH. Sideways, sideways and ever sideways, and lying and lying and lying all the while. Rosson and Whitmore. Especially that Rosson.

They took the skull first? What for? To hide it?

What about doing things by the book?

There is still that lengthy interval before Mitrice’s mom, Latice Sutton, and her father, Michael Richardson, were officially informed by the deputies that her remains indeed had been found.  Sutton was only tipped off by a news person.  I can indeed imagine what was happening. I don’t believe that they were trying to be careful or to spare the parents. They took it upon themselves to try to confuse and hide the evidence before the coroner’s representatives and the media came on strong onto the scene, and things got way out of their control.

Remember, the bones were found thirty miles away from the sheriff’s station. Questions still remain how that young woman could have gotten from the station to that area. It was also determined that someone had moved Mitrice’s remains from one location to its final one, although the deputies keep maintaining that there was no foul play found.

Questions still remain unanswered bySheriff Lee Baca and his boys about a lot of the events involving them and Mitrice Richardson, alive or dead, that just do not add up.  This child, however, will not rest.

I feel that even with the skeleton so badly decomposed, if the deputies hadn’t disturbed it and the immediate area where she was found, there might have been something at the location that might have clarified further what really happened. No, I am not a watcher of NCIS or other cop investigative shows, but I know enough about forensics as an amateur that even the slightest thread or particle could open up a vast array of possibilities.  But you know as well I as do that the best thing the deputies could have done would have been to merely wait for the L.A. County coroner and his dudes handle it, to touch nothing, inform the parents of their suspicions, and merely guard the remains and the scene, but oh, no. That could not happen if they were culpable.

People who aren’t guilty don’t pull this kind of thing.  They’re all for really doing it by the book so that their hands are shown to be clean.  The Agoura Lost-Hills sheriff’s deputies, in their haste to confound, may have also destroyed any possible link to her murderer(s).  And they know it.

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