San Francisco Giants World Series Champions

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Beats being out in the bleachers with my stepdad and his
Dodger-loving friend Champ in the winds of Candlestick Park back in the day. They hadn’t won a Series since 1954. Oh, they appeared in the Series, like in 1989 (the World Series by the Bay that was nearly derailed by the Loma Prieta earthquake) and in 2002, but hadn’t won a damn thing since 1958, when they moved to the West Coast from New York, until last night. Sorry, Brewers fans. You have to have lived in Northern California for forty years to know the ecstasy of whooping for the Team of Mays, Marichal, and McCovey. Apparently Brian Wilson ain’t losing the beard.

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Of course, pandemonium reigned in the winning team’s locker room in Texas.  Getting Bush I and II as guests apparently put the hoodoo on the Rangers.

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The scene varied from City Hall, which was bathed in Giants Orange in the twinkling night sky to AT & T Park, where delirious fans literally jumped into McCovey Cove (and into the Bay) in celebration. Illegal as well as legal fireworks and bonfires were lit. Total strangers embraced each other in the streets.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Unfortunately, the celebrations were marred by spurts of drunken rioting. Sigh. Yall don’t have to get that out of control. The people in the linked video could have been killed. Compared to when the Niners won their first Super Bowl, a woman was raped then, and Broadway and Columbus in North Beach was a mess. In every case, however, the cops moved in to restore order, particularly when midnight came.

I’m glad for them, especially in these days where a lot of people do not have much to celebrate about. Wish I were there.

Oh, another thing.  Few African American players in baseball these days.  They’ve moved on to other sports, like football and basketball.  Latinos now appear to predominate in the sport.  And why not?  They play good.  Fifty years ago, the sons and grandsons of Irish, Jewish and Italian immigrants were in the game representing.  Latinos (as well as Asians) can be citizens, too, and play the game.  The MVP of the Series?  Edgar Renteria, a black Latino from Barranquilla, Columbia. Too bad Barry Bonds couldn’t be a part of this.


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