Technical Difficulties…and Some Updates on Long Running Stories: Mitrice, Oscar Grant

The President and the First Lady arrive in Indonesia.  Hat tip to Three Chics Politico.

This is how the Indians see our President and his First Lady.  Hat tip to Jack and Jill Politics.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s not that I haven’t been cognizant about events happening. Like the Obamas’ Asian trip, which includes a shortened visit to Indonesia, where he spent four years of his childhood. (Visit JJP (previous link) for further photos and videos of his Indonesia stop.) Like Johannes Mehserle getting a two-year, slap on the wrist sentence for his murdering Oscar Grant III. The schmuck still thinks that he should walk free, but 152 protesters were arrested at the news of his sentence in Oakland.

And Mitrice Richardson’s coroner‘s report ruled inconclusive, with the coroner’s office loudly criticizing the L.A.  Sheriff’s Department for disturbing the location and removing the skeleton without the express permission of the coroner or his deputies, thus destroying any evidence as to who might have moved or even killed her.  This is smelling so bad, people are now saying openly what they’ve been thinking, that the deputies killed Mitrice and are still seeking to cover up their tracks.   Anne Soble at the Malibu Surfside News has more, including the fact that the deputies forgot where Mitrice’s remains were actually found. At least, Latice Sutton was able to memorialize her daughter at this site, but who knows whether it is where Mitrice died or was taken after her murder.  Today, Los Angeles County is finally getting involved by opening an investigation into what was, why and how and who were involved in moving Mitrice’s remains.

And Aretha Franklin becoming very, very ill (there is a rumor that she may have the Big C, but I think that it is really heart trouble from all that weight). Things like that.

It’s just that this laptop is really cutting up; it hasn’t been the same since it fell out of a laptop bag two weeks ago. It freezes activity, reboots itself in between typing, sending blue screens and error messages…all that stuff. Plus, I have a lot of other things on my plate. Like going to the doctor to confirm some pains, some numbness, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels and current prescriptions before the Republicans chop me off Badger Care.

Let’s say this; you will be hearing from me here and there until I can get things resolved at least halfway. See you when I can.

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