One Year Memorial for Shaniya Davis Next Tuesday, November 16. And Justice for Shaniya Seems Dead, Too

The one-year anniversary of Shaniya Davis' death approaches, but there is no justice yet for the child, either from her family members or from the county and state workers who are supposed to protect her (Courtesy: wandaphullworld)

The Fayetteville Observer reported this just today:

A memorial service to mark a year since Shaniya Davis’ death is scheduled Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

The service will be held in the Freedom International Ministries parking lot off Murchison Road.


The memorial service will feature speakers, including Shaniya’s father, Bradley Lockhart, according to Joe McGee, director of Giving Opportunities Through Dedication and Devotion (GOTDAD) Inc., a Fayetteville nonprofit that is sponsoring the event.

Uhuh. I still think that Lockhart is still culpable for his own daughter’s murder. This whole thing regarding the Cumberland County DSS “investigating” themselves and their ties to Lockhart as well as Davis is part of their not charging themselves or anyone else. I would warn would-be participants who feel something for the little girl to contribute little if any money while this service is going on, or say that they would like to contribute or will contribute to other agencies involved in saving children from abuse.

Because Bradley Lockhart was not charged does not mean that he wasn’t responsible for dumping his daughter at her mother’s home, knowing what Antoinette’s previous record of motherhood had been, and refusing to ask or to take into his decision-making the DSS beforehand as to the true state of affairs regarding her current capacities as a mother.  Furthermore, as a precedent, he dumped his other biracial children onto his in-laws to raise and support after his wife died. That’s evidence enough of his vaunted fatherhood.  To me, until further notice, he’s nothing less than a sperm donor making money off his dead child.

Reporters Francis Gilpin and Nancy Cleary have other concerns connected with the case:

A week after Shaniya’s abduction, Social Services Director Brenda Reid Jackson met with homicide investigators at the District Attorney’s Office to review what her department knew about Antoniette Davis and her children.

The exact nature of the department’s relationship with Davis’ family still isn’t known. Jackson has used state privacy statutes to keep records of the case out of public view.

But one of Shaniya’s uncles, Michael Davis, told reporters that, before Shaniya’s death, the DSS investigated her mother concerning her 7-year-old son.

Shortly after Shaniya died, the co-chairman of a state task force on child fatalities said a team would be sent to Fayetteville to find out when the DSS first made contact with the family, the status of that case at the time of the killing, and whether proper procedures were followed.

Last week, almost a year later, a spokesman for the state task force said no date has been set for the beginning of that review.

There’s more in this rather thorough step-by-step summary of what has occurred in the Shaniya Davis case in the one year since the child was murdered in the link provided. Readers should also read the many comments attached to the article as well. For those who have been wondering, Shaniya’s mother, Antoinette Davis, has since given birth to the baby she was carrying when her daughter was murdered. That child–sex unknown–has been given over to foster care. Shaniya’s seven-year-old brother has reportedly been in foster care since the slaying.  Antoinette Davis, like Mario Andrette McNeill, Shaniya’s killer, is currently awaiting trial.

Makes one wonder how these children are faring in foster care, especially under the auspices of the same organization that is covering up their tracks in the sexual abuse and murder of their sister.

If you don’t live in the same vicinity of Fayetteville, think of Shaniya next Tuesday on your own and pray for her and other victims and survivors of child rape and prostitution.  This ain’t over yet.

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  1. thank you for the update this story tugs at my soul as a black community we need to raise our level on consciousness and heal ourselves. As a people we can be so self-destructive. Child trafficking is nothing new but once we know better we do better and poverty drug addictions plauge our community and play a role in our demise. Shaniya has the peace none of us do yet justice has yet to come for her. Karma and the Law of Attraction will handle all that and all who are responsible will eventually pay the piper.


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