That Delta In2ition “Car Wash” Commercial

I’ve been seeing this commercial on TBS just this week, and I love it every time it comes on. Only 34 seconds, but it’s a great combination of art, lovely bodies, and how a good, simple shower can indeed peel off the stresses, the stink–nay, celebrate–any day. It’s already two months old, and it’s actually  called “Wash Away,” directed by David LaChappelle, who’s already a known fashion photographer and film director.

This is not LaChapelle’s first ad.  He’s directed commercials for Diesel, L’Oreal, and H&M for starters.  In particular, LaChapelle is responsible for Rize, a documentary about the Los Angeles krumping dance scene.   He’s also published several books of his photography, which is often called surreal and humorous by critics.  This commercial, however, doesn’t appear to be humorous at all, although I have cracked a smile over it.

I found it on You Tube with an accompanying video above that explains just how they put it together, with models, art directors, copywriters, and paint artists saying their piece. This is over three minutes long.

It certainly helps that Rose Royce singing the infectious “Car Wash” all the way through both videos.

~ by blksista on November 17, 2010.

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