Highlights of Memorial Service for Shaniya Davis

Lest we forget how and why this little girl was killed and by whom: this is from the famous video security clip showing Mario Andrette McNeill taking Shaniya Nicole Davis to her rape and eventual murder. This is the character to whom Bradley Lockhart, Shaniya's father, actually delivered his daughter up, thanks to his haste to dump the child off his hands. To anyone's hands other than his own (Courtesy: NowPublic)

Got a video from WRAL.com, but Vodpod couldn’t resolve an error in the clip from the service. So I have included this photograph above, in case people forget why this case stirs people. One might have thought that McNeill was carrying his own daughter or a girl relative to his room. Too bad Bradley Lockhart’s mug is in the video (found here), and that there are still some normally ethical people who are supporting him through his dead daughter, but I just wanted to include something about the service before I turned in for the night. Unfortunately, hiccups with the laptop (again) didn’t allow me to complete the article until now.

The comments from the accompanying article at the above link, however, are from people who want to see him charged as well as Antoinette Davis and Mario Andrette McNeill. The latter two, respondents want to see dead as door nails. They’re hoping Antoinette Davis won’t be sequestered in prison but let out into the general population, just so she’ll get her just desserts from the female inmates, many of whom are mothers.  And so it goes.

From NBC17.com:

On the first anniversary of her death, that community came together again to remember a life lost.

The vigil was held in the auditorium of the Freedom International Ministry, a small storefront church located just blocks from the street where she disappeared.

Out in front of the gathering was Shaniya’s father, who returned to Fayetteville from his new home in Alabama to honor his daughter’s memory.

“It’s difficult to go through every day,” said Bradley Lockhart. “You wake up and think about what you were doing last year this time; what you were doing 4th of July with Shaniya or on her birthdays.”

Shaniya’s loss also hurt the community which is why close to 250 people attended the vigil.

“It’s brought about a lot of hurt, a lot of questions, a lot of pain and more than anything, a lot of concern,” said Pastor Greg Pointer.

During the vigil, the community prayed for Shaniya and her dad prayed for justice.

“It’s up to God and the justice system to actually determine justice for Shaniya,” said Lockhart. “Justice for her is in my heart and forgiveness and peace is already within me; however, anger still sits.”

Umph. Yeah, right.

The Shaniya Speaks website, the one that Lockhart created for his daughter, claims there is going to be a stage play based on Shaniya. Nothing on who the playwright is or whether this is going to be a local production or where and when. Yet.

Like I said before, I’d refrain from contributing very much to Lockhart and his preacher friend long after the trials and sentences are carried out.  Heads need to roll at DSS, and previous DSS employees, social workers and supervisors need to talk, either to police or other state and county authorities about what exactly were in those files regarding the relationship between Antoinette Davis and Bradley Lockhart.  If only reckless criminal negligence or abandonment can be gleaned, I’d rather Lockhart pay that price rather than get off scot free as he is now.

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  1. This article may be worth something if it didn’t start off with a lie!!! Now, I don’t know Brad or anyone else in this situation, but Brad did not hand her over to that monster—- her “mother” did. This man had to work. It’s what MOST people do to survive, and often times don’t have control over their scheduling or where work is available. Looking at pictures of Shaniya, she was clearly a happy little girl during the time she was with her father. She was healthy and well kept in all the pictures I have seen, and I have seen a lot of them.


    • Bradley Lockhart gave Shaniya to her mother without checking with the authorities about the true nature of her capacity to care for the child. He bought into her lie, it is true; but Lockhart was too willing to believe it to accomplish his own purposes. That is not a lie; that is FACT.

      I don’t care if Lockhart had to work, it’s still not an excuse to dump her off with her birth mother who had a known track record of abuse and neglect on her side. His antennae should have been up. There were plenty of other people, his sister included, who was more capable of taking care of Shaniya Davis, and who had stood up in the past asking to care for her if he would not.

      The quickness in which Shaniya was fobbed off to Antoinette speaks volumes. And there is a precedent for Lockhart doing the same with the children of his first marriage.

      If anything, if Social Services hasn’t been the political cesspool that it has turned out to be, I believe Lockhart would also be on the legal griddle for abandoning his child as well as incompetence. As other previous commenters have pointed out, Lockhart’s girlfriends as well as his sister have raised the little girl, NOT Lockhart. Where was he when they fed her and clothed her?

      Is the job more important or is raising the daughter more important?


  2. I wouldn’t give her father 2 nickels. If he wants to continue to play dumb, he needs to tell the people where he met Antoinette and was she of sound body and mind. Antoinette gave him custody b/c he is living better than she is, it’s not like he took the initiative to take Shaniya from her. What middle class man thinks it’s ok to have his child living in the worst part of town? Did he send Antoinette child support since she was obviously very poor? What kind of agreement of custody is this that she goes over there with a weekend’s worth of clothes? How was she supposed to attend school with no clothes, did Brad and his sister ever think of that? And he still has not stated whether he called Shaniya during those weeks she lived at her mother’s house.

    Why is this father in hardly any of the pics I see of Shaniya online? Looks like some black folks have been raising Shaniya most her life. What his [older] daughter says sounds about right now; Shaniya was raised by his girlfriends.


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