The Most Powerful Black Women in Europe in 2010

This video may take your breath away.

It even includes a current photograph of Angela, Princess of Liechtenstein, an Afro-Panamanian who married the brother of the Hereditary Prince of the reigning dynasty several years ago.  The wedding was a televised national event in the little principality.  She and her son, Prince Alfons, are the highest ranking black royals in Europe.   There are athletes, entrepreneurs, activists, singers, educators and politicians listed. They come from countries like Sweden, Norway, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Britain, Greece, Germany, Spain, Russia and France. These are not necessarily the progeny of black American GIs. They are most likely to be the native European-born or -acculturated daughters of African immigrants, or even in the case of Grace Bumbry and Yvette Jarvis, expatriates.

According to the blog Afro-Europe, “The list does not aim to assess rank but rather to underscore influential women from six categories: business, lifestyle, media, politics, and social entrepreneurs and NGOs.”  Women that we hardly know about here in the States who are making a difference for their communities and for their respective countries.

The list is here on the blog Black Women in Europe, along with video and written biographies. Some of the videos have no English subtitles; the subjects speak the languages of their respective countries, so my focus is on English-speaking black women.  Here is a video of Dounne Alexander, MBE, who was recently lauded for her services to the British culinary industry above,

of Trisha Goddard, Britain’s reigning queen of chat,

and of Yvette Jarvis–model, human rights and special needs activist, city councilwoman of Athens–and American.

And yes, Naomi Campbell is also listed.  But she is not the only black Briton achieving and doing.

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