Hey, “Vanity Fair”! This Is How You Do a Hollywood Issue

The "Legends" issue of The Hollywood Reporter, which includes Oscar-winners Sidney Poitier and Halle Berry in a sweetly humorous pose on one of its three covers. James Earl Jones joins Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller, Gena Rowlands and Angela Lansbury in another cover below. It isn't politically correct to have actors and actresses of color or of age on the covers of special entertainment issues; it is simply recognizing reality.

I saw this at Shadow and Act.   Frankly, I do love Vanity Fair and have subscribed to it several times over the years. Yet I am really getting tired of seeing what I call the youthful, perfect Breck Girl actresses of the moment in sunshine-y garden environs on the cover around Oscar/Globes time without even a black, Latina or Asian woman in the line-up. And you know that they are around, just not invited for the shot, as if their presence would spoil the moment. These kinds of photos are all about sex and exclusion.  Not this one.  From BlackAmerica Web:

Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones and Halle Berry are among the actors appearing in three separate covers of the Hollywood Reporter’s 80th Anniversary “Legends Issue.”

For the special year-end package, THR brought together the biggest names in the business, both on screen and off, who have made a mark during the trade magazine’s 80-year history.

The covers feature three groupings of stars photographed together over the past two weeks. Consistently, the covers honor greats over the age of 80 with four exceptions (Debbie Reynolds, 78; James Earl Jones, 79; Larry Hagman, 79; and Halle Berry, 44).

The Legends issue is available to subscribers now, and at newsstands nationwide Friday, Dec. 17.

I have not seen the magazine, but I would hope that there would be some other legends of color in its pages, which so far will include:

* An intimate look at Sidney Sheinberg and the former film student he discovered: Steven Spielberg.
* A visit with the Zeitgeisters: Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels in Michaels’ N.Y. office.
* A photo essay of the men and women behind show business, including legendary executives from Warner Bros., Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony and Universal.
* George Lucas remembers his 50th birthday party, an affair complete with Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Spielberg and more.
* The ultimate gathering of television’s most beloved sitcom queens, including Barbara Eden, Shirley Jones, Cloris Leachman, Doris Roberts and Marion Ross.
* An intimate roundtable with the giants of comedy moderated by Dick Cavett that includes Mel Brooks, Tim Conway, Phyllis Diller and Carl Reiner.

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