“Robbery” of Bishop Long’s Private Church Office Now Reappraised As a Hunt for Evidence Against Him; Sexual Abuse Investigation May Go Nationwide

Sometimes, Faux Noise is good for some news, although the possible motive for this break-in is no news to me. Dale Russell is bird dogging this.  From the afflliate in Atlanta:

A FOX 5 I-team investigation found that the main purpose of the break-in was to gather evidence against Bishop Long. The investigation found that more than $100,000 in jewelry was left behind.

It was Sunday night or early Monday morning, when two men wearing dark hooded tops and white gloves headed down the street toward the church and eventually, Bishop Long’s private office. The men were caught on a church security camera.

Soon after Maurice Robinson and Anthony Boyd were arrested and charged with burglary. No one knew it at the time, but it was the beginning of the sex scandal now facing Bishop Eddie Long.

Three months after the break-in, Robinson, Anthony Flagg, Spencer LeGrande and Jamal Parris all filed sexual misconduct lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long.

Long has denied the claims in court.

Two sources familiar with the investigation said the alleged burglars contend the burglary was aimed at sending a message to Bishop Long and gathering evidence against him.

Parris, in an exclusive interview back in September, talked about the break-in. Parris said that in his opinion, the motive had nothing to do with money.

This is the first time his opinions about Maurice Robinson and the break-in have been heard publicly.

When asked if he thought the men involved in the break-in were trying to gather evidence Parris said, “Absolutely. ”

The police report shows the burglars stole the Bishop’s iPhone, iPad computer with speakers and a “yet to be determined amount of jewelry.” What the report doesn’t say, according to a source familiar with the burglary investigation, is that the burglars left behind over a $100,000 worth of jewelry in an area within the Bishop’s private bath, jewelry that easily could have been stolen.

“The truth of the matter, those who know about situation, is it isn’t about that at all. That’s a young man in anger who was hurt, who found a way to get at this man,” Parris said.

People have claimed, of course, that Maurice Robinson was after goods that he could fence for money. The jewelry bears this out, but why didn’t he go after the big enchilada that he knew was elsewhere in the office compound? Um, I had a feeling that it was not necessarily goods that Robinson was after. Now it’s been confirmed: he was looking for proof, and proof there definitely was in e-toys like the iPad and iPhone. Lists, phone numbers, notes, photographs, travel plans.

Who knows what other secrets Robinson and his attorney B.J. Bernstein culled from those babies? Robinson claimed he downloaded everything he could, and when he was apprehended, he returned those e-toys. They had not been fenced, and the jewelry theft–and I can well imagine how tasteless the jewelry was–might have simply been a ruse to throw off speculation about the true nature of the theft.

What also gets me is why someone like Eddie Long–the CEO pastor–has $100,000 worth of jewelry located in his private office.  Doesn’t he have a home or homes where he could store them? And why so much?  I’ll bet Brad Pitt doesn’t own that much bling.  Last time I heard, the Christ didn’t set too much store by such acquisitions, and neither did his first followers.

The mediation isn’t until February 2011, but with the Secret Service investigation of the Matrix Capitol Mortgage Company, Fred Lee, Bishop Gary Hawkins, and of their dealings with the bishop and New Birth, the drip-drip is going to turn into a flood. So far, New Birth is denying that there is any link, other than giving Matrix and Lee (or one of his assistants) a room where they could have these foreclosure seminars. Unfortunately, that’s no consolation to the hundreds, perhaps thousands of New Birth parishioners who lost their homes despite giving Matrix $1500 each to forestall that eventuality.

The link could merely be that Long knew Hawkins as another megachurch shyster pastor, wanted to get in on the opportunity, but didn’t check into the firm, thus protecting his own.  The very worst could be that Long demanded and received a cut from Matrix after it collected from the parishioners.  If this is proved, the news could go a long way towards destroying any credibility Long has left, if any.

Something else is bound to surface between now and February, on top of the rumors that Connecticut might investigate Bishop Long’s sojourn in Bloomfield CT with Maurice Robinson during a church conference (16 is Connecticut’s age of consent).  It was in Bloomfield that Robinson said that he had had sexual relations with Long in 2009 as well as in Ohio. (check Nos. 40 and 41 on the pleading)  That, and a scheduled autumn trip to Bloomfield in 2010 that was canceled once the scandal broke.

Who knows what young man of interest was in Long’s entourage this time?  And, if so,  how much he is being paid to shut up?

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