Three Clips from Upcoming Halle Berry Film, “Frankie and Alice,” Where She Plays One Personality Who is White and Racist

Got this from Shadow and Act. Frankie and Alice is considered a comeback film for Halle Berry. She plays Frankie, a stripper who is also displays the personality of a white racist woman, Alice, and a little girl. In order to qualify for awards season, it opened in a limited release in early December, 2010. It opens nationwide on February 4. Already, Berry has gotten a Golden Globe Best Actress nomination, becoming the first black actress to nominated more than once for Best Actress. This is a sure signal that she will get an Oscar nomination for this performance as well. If so, it’s going to be quite a fight between Berry’s supporters and those of Ms. Black Swan herself, Natalie Portman, also heavily favored to take home the coveted statuette.

The film also stars the estimable Phylicia Rashad as her mother, Chandra Wilson as her sister, and Stellan Skarsgard as Dr. Oz.   Berry also co-produced this vehicle.

And yes, this trailer below shows that Halle can indeed dance, despite those biracial genes.

This also shows some of the dispassionate contempt that the psychologists show regarding Frankie in a story that is set in the Los Angeles of the  Seventies, but filmed in Vancouver, B.C. It’s almost as if she’s a lab rat, not a human being. It will be interesting to see how they help Frankie, if at all, keep her identity, self-respect, and above all, her sanity.

~ by blksista on January 4, 2011.

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