Since I’ve Been Gone…

A lot of things have happened for me, as well as for those currently in the news.

For one thing, I was in one of the local hospitals with blocked arteries. Those arteries are unblocked now, and hopefully with prescription drugs, a heart healthy diet, rehab, and continued support from Badger Care until I have a better job and health care alternatives, I will keep going.  I’m very much improved, but I won’t be cleared for work until Thursday of this week. I’m trying not to push it too much, but I feel more confident about myself and the future after undergoing this episode.

As I have found in my research, after one has an actual heart attack or a myocardial infarction (MI), it is very hard to regenerate damaged tissue. And women have even fewer symptoms for heart disease than men.

Among black women, and especially poor black women, they often let such warnings slide until it is too damn late. There are black women dying at 35 from such preventable things.

Don’t you wait until the last minute to get yourself checked–black, white, blue or green, male or female. Stress, overeating or poor nutrition choices, no exercise…these are markers for eventual coronary artery disease.

Before all that happened, I was typing furiously when there was a crunch, and suddenly I could not type from the c, d, or e keys.  Crumbs under the keys.  You know, I am one of those writers who love to do everything with their laptops, including eating and drinking.  Bad habit to break.  Well, it took several days, including my time in the hospital, to get a new keyboard from a vendor on eBay. And here I am again.

So I had a bit of an unplanned vacation from writing and commenting, but I am back now.

Lots to talk about these days, huh?

~ by blksista on January 22, 2011.

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  1. Wow, I am so glad you are back and feeling better. Blocked arteries are no joke ! It is a blessing you got care in time.

    Have you seen the new youtube videos from Steve Harvey’s 2nd wife, Mary ?


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