BREAKING: Judge Gives Controversial Booking Tape of Mitrice Richardson to Parents

I can’t say anything at length until later, but this is a major, major development. This news is an hour old.

It may speed up the FBI involvement in this case to examining her bones.

From the L.A. Daily News:

Lawyers for the parents of a woman found dead in Malibu after being released by sheriff’s deputies are entitled to video showing the woman’s behavior inside and outside the jail and station house, a judge ruled today.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William F. Fahey ordered lawyers for the county to make the video of Mitrice Richardson available by tomorrow afternoon.

The judge also ruled that the plaintiffs are entitled to Los Angeles police records generated between September 2009, when the Cal State Fullerton graduate went missing, through Dec. 10, 2009.

Richardson’s body was found Aug. 12 in Malibu Canyon by deputies and park rangers who were looking for illegal pot farms.

The LAPD was in charge of missing-persons investigation, because she lived with her grandmother in South Los Angeles.

The LAPD and lawyers for the Sheriff’s Department argued that making the records public could jeopardize the investigation of Richardson’s death, but the judge sided with the family.

Richard’s divorced parents, Michael Richardson and Latice Sutton, filed separate wrongful death suits against the county last year. They are now consolidated.

Sutton’s attorney, Leo J. Terrell, said he and his client were told that there was no video of the young woman, who was briefly locked up after exhibiting manic behavior and failing to pay a bill at Geoffrey’s, a restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway.

I don’t doubt that this will land on L.A. TV stations, national and true crime cable shows.   It will go a long way towards changing a lot of citzens’ minds.

And that film had better not be doctored.  There should be an expert on that aspect, too.

Gotta go.

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