That Office Depot Commercial About A Baker Who Wins The Organization Battle As Well As A Reality Show

This woman isn’t smart because she went to Office Depot to get organized. Beth was smart already. She knew something was wrong, and she had to fix things or else lose her mind, if not her business.

The commercial doesn’t come alive for me until Beth, or rather her employee, finds that recipe, and the young brother says she oughta get on that reality show on TV. The actor who plays the celebrity baker who grits out, “It’s time for Baker Death Match,” on some generic cable cooking/baking channel is hilarious. Top Chef, Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, move over.

Hideous-looking icing on that cupcake, but everyone saw Beth on that show; she made herself and her bakery famous, and if she hadn’t found that award-winning recipe by getting organized, well.

Need I say that this is an Asian American woman who does not rely on Asian cuisine to make her culinary career?

~ by blksista on February 2, 2011.

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