When Nadin Khoury, The Boy Hung From a Fence, Visited “The View”

This latest survivor of a bullying episode, caught on video, was asked to come to “The View” yesterday, and this is what occurred after he told his story.

Nadin Khoury, 13, came to this country with his family to escape the chaos of civil war in his native Liberia. He was accompanied by his mother Rebecca Wright and his American stepfather Eric to The View appearance. He stated that much of the bullying had to do with the attackers’ jealousy of his academic achievements, that he was not American, that he was small, and that his mother spoke with a decided accent. From the NYT:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The boy, Nadin Khoury, was left suspended from the seven-foot-high fence on Jan. 11 after being dragged, punched, kicked and placed upside down in a tree in Upper Darby, a Philadelphia suburb, said Superintendent Michael Chitwood of the Upper Darby Township Police.

The attack took place about 1 p.m. outside an apartment building about a mile from the Opportunity Center, a public school for students with behavioral problems. All seven suspects and Nadin attended the school, Superintendent Chitwood said.

Nadin was bruised but not otherwise injured in the attack.

The suspects, whose ages range from 13 to 17, face charges including kidnapping, false imprisonment, terroristic threats and conspiracy. If convicted, they face probation or time in a juvenile detention center, Superintendent Chitwood said. Two of the suspects have prior convictions for assault.

Six of the suspects were arrested at school on Monday morning and led away in handcuffs in an operation intended to demonstrate to other students that bullying can lead to criminal charges, the superintendent said.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The boy could have been lynched. He could have been impaled from the back of his head onto the sharp prongs of the fence and died. They tried to throw him into a tree first to hang him, but it didn’t suit them. Um, don’t these kids realize what the hanging symbolism truly means? And they videotaped what they did to Nadin. Videotaped themselves and put it up on You Tube. Which means that they thought a lot about what they were planning to do with Nadin. Forget the fact that these kids have behavioral problems already. They knew what they were doing.  I’ll say it again, where were the parents?

Nadin knew where his parents were. When he returned home bruised and battered once more, his mother Rebecca finally had had enough. She went straight to the home of one of the abusers and confronted his parent(s) and the boy. Within days, six were arrested.  The seventh was apprehended February 11.

From the local ABC affiliate:

The teen told The View why he thinks this all started.

“They were messing with me because I’m one of the smallest ones and, when we first moved to the area, they saw my mom was African and they made fun of my mom a lot,” Nadin said.

The teen said he’s hoping that someone will step in next time something like this happens, and call the police. In this case, police said witnesses did nothing to help.

The seven suspects, who attend the Alternative High School for Troubled Students, remain in police custody for psychiatric and risk evaluation.

Then, after talking about his difficult experiences, Khoury got the surprise of his life – DeSean Jackson, Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson came on stage to meet the young man!

DeSean Jackson even gave him the jersey off his back and autographed it for him.

The Eagles players said they ‘had his back’ in case anything bad happened again.

I’m very glad for him, but it’s like Nadin also said in another news article, those young thugs have friends at the school that could still mess with him. It is still up to the school authorities to have Nadin’s back on a daily basis, as well as other students’ backs.  Unfortunately, it appears that they still don’t get it, from the articles I have read.

And I wonder, why was Nadin at this school for troubled children?  Does he merely need remedial help to catch up with the skills of other children his age?  It does not appear that he has language deficits.  Because this young man may have proven that he does not need to be at this school.

However, it was wonderful to see this child’s face brighten, and for him to know that he was not alone.  I wish him well.

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