No Disrespect Intended? President Obama Interrupted by Bill O’Reilly During Pre-Super Bowl Interview Time and Again

O’Reilly makes the President look good. All the time.  Obama is always calm, rational, determined.   Because Bill O’Reilly is the lunatic Faux Noise fringe.  O’Lielly is always adversarial in these interviews, as if he wants to browbeat or trip up Obama into submission.  He can’t.  So he comes up with these maddening questions.  This is the President of the United States, you blowhard. Have some respect for the office, if you can’t stand the man. But, no.

Even if dumb-as-a-sack-of-hammers Sarah Palin took over the interview, he’d make mincemeat out of her simply being himself and putting his points across.  He wouldn’t even deign to act superior, because he already is.   And she could bat her eyes until her falsies flew off.

Which question was worse?

A relatively surprising moment in the interview came when O’Reilly asked the president, “Does it disturb you that so many people hate you?” He said that he had asked his predecessor, George W. Bush, the same question, which he called “a serious” one.

Obama responded, “The people who dislike you don’t know you. The folks who hate you, they don’t know you.” He added, “What they hate is whatever funhouse mirror image of you that’s out there. They don’t know you. And so, you don’t take it personally.”

As for his politics, the president denied that he had shifted toward the center of the political spectrum following the 2010 midterm election in which Democrats suffered substantial losses. He insisted, “I’m the same guy.”

“My common sense focus right now is how to we out-innovate, out-educate, out-build, out-compete the rest of the world?” he said. “How do we create jobs here in the United States of America? How do we make sure that businesses are thriving? But how do we also — making sure that ordinary Americans can live out the American dream?”

I think Obama has always been centrist; however, there are times when you have to be adversarial, stand on your core ethics, and then revert back to form. Obama, unfortunately, does none of this, and that I why I think that he is too wussy with people who wish him no good. Like the Republicans. Like the Clintons and their faction. Like with the banksters.  I don’t like his coziness with these people;  there was even an article recently about how rich he will be once he leaves the White House in 2016.  As Nobel economist Paul Krugman has pointed out, Obama has taken as whole cloth some abject lies about the economic history of this country, especially about FDR and his policies during the last bad economy, thanks to the likes of the minions from Goldman Sachs in his administration. As a result, he has leaned more towards business and the rich than FDR, who knew his own class, kept his own counsel, and who gladly became a pariah among them, ever did.

And while I am glad that he is generally agreed about nudging President Mubarak out of power in Egypt, and that the Muslim Brotherhood is not what we think that it is, Obama’s anointing of the cutthroat Vice President Omar Suleiman, head of the Egyptian intelligence services as an interim strongman, doesn’t meet with general relief either here or elsewhere.  Suleiman has blood on his hands, too.  He could easily step in, and further down the line, with the help of Mubarak holdovers, cancel elections and create his own dictatorship.  This guy doesn’t appear to be a George Washington type.  Plus Israel’s right wing government loves him for suppressing their perceived enemies, like government dissidents and Muslim extremists, and for fearing Iran, who could oust Egypt as the premier Mideast power. This state of affairs simply cannot go on unchecked, especially when people are tortured and killed for their ideas. Which makes me wonder, why in hell do we always have to support these killers, to the detriment of the people who will suffer under their regime, only finally to be toppled? Doesn’t SAVAK and the Shah of Iran ring a bell?

But what can I say? This interview is nothing new.  The real questions haven’t yet been asked.  This was merely a duel for people’s entertainment, just like the Super Bowl.  And on that, O’Reilly should simply fold his tent and go away and quit.

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