The Aretha Tribute at The Grammys, 2011

There are no words…all these girls were good. My eyes were on Jennifer Hudson and Christina Aguilera, though. They have more range, more church, more spirit, more soul, and are more in line with Miss Re’s style of singing. Gotta remember Yolanda Adams’ name for her rendition of “Spirit in the Dark.”

And then there was the Queen of Soul herself. I was very glad to see her, and frankly, I knew that since the operation, she would have had to have lost weight, so it was no shock to me to see her altered state. Other than having too much rouge on her cheeks, she resembled the Aretha of the 1970s.  She looked good, well-rested, herself. And here with us for a little while longer.

~ by blksista on February 13, 2011.

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