From Tahrir Square to Madison, Wisconsin (via Politirature)

Want to know who the young man was behind this wonderful photo?  I have it as my current Facebook portrait.   See below for his story.   See you all after work this evening. Please go to WisconsinEye, The Isthmus, Channel 3000 or this new source, The Uptake, regarding ongoing demonstrations at the Wisconsin Capitol Building regarding the rescinding of collective bargaining for public employees.  Politirature is another Word Press blog.

From Tahrir to Wisconsin Dear activists, protesters & workers from Wisconsin, Ohio and other states, I was truly touched by your hundreds of thoughts and comments on my photos  from Tahrir holding that sign. I thank each and everyone of you, even those who  thought the photos were shopped, but I have few things to say. I’m an Egyptian ordinary young man, activist and Engineering student. I turned 21  years old last December, I love to read and write using both ArabicRead More

via Politirature

~ by blksista on February 21, 2011.

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