Aretha to Fantasia: “Get Over Yourself” Regarding Perceived Tribute Snub

You’ve probably heard that Fantasia Barrino had won a Grammy this time around, but you would have never known about it because the girl wasn’t even present to pick it up. (Her manager picked it up for her, above.) Where was she? At home watching the show. Well, why would she pass up such a venue for free publicity? Because she got too full of herself because she wasn’t chosen as one of the singers for the Aretha Tribute.

Well, boo-flipping-hoo.

Fanny called in to BET’s 106 & Park on Monday and revealed to hosts Rocsi and Terrence how unhappy she was with the award show.

“I’m going to be very honest with you. You know I wasn’t at the Grammys last night. I’m kind of going through my own little thing. … Last night they were honoring someone who is my idol, Aretha Franklin, and there is no way I could have sat there and not got the happy feet and wanting to jump on the mic because she is my favorite so I felt like, you know, at the end of the day I should have been on that stage so, I kind of did my own little thing last night.

“I watched Cee Lo’s performance, I love Cee Lo, love Gaga, watched Gaga, and I love Rihanna’s performance, but I kind of cooked and did my own thing last night and was in my own world and was hoping that I won. I have this feeling, like every year I go, I feel like they always look over some of the good singers that are still around and I’m not trying to be funny but that’s just the way I felt.”

Instead, Christina Aguilera, Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Hudson, Florence from Florence and the Machine and Martina McBride participated in the tribute.

What the hell?

You know, I would have swept up my hair, put on my high heels, gotten my make-up down, and gone to the festivities looking like 24-karat diamonds, sang my song “Bittersweet” or anything else like presenting that they asked me to do on stage, and then when I won, I would have said, “You know I wanted to be a part of Aretha’s tribute, but this is a hellalot better.” And walked off the stage, leaving everyone to wonder what I really meant.

Instead, she’s pouting and doing dishes at home. No sense at all. And she was the only one of the American Idol bunch to even get a statuette. Straight out of her mind with this presumption of self-importance, especially when most of those AI alums haven’t been able to keep their music careers on track. As one commenter put it at the Hollywood Reporter, Fantasia’s a diva, but without all the clout.

Today, the Queen of Soul herself weighed in all this ish. Which made it even worse.

“I was sorry to hear that Fantasia was upset because she did not get the opportunity to participate in my Grammy Tribute this year. I recall that in the past, Fantasia participated in both my MusicCares Person of the Year Tribute and my United Negro College Fund Tribute. Fantasia is still young in the business and although we all love and appreciate her she must understand that in this business of show business she will not always get to participate in everything she would like participate in. I’m sure it was not an intentional omission. I will see Fantasia over the summer here in Detroit.”

Translation: You’re a nice girl, and you’re talented. But get over it.

What also made it worse was that Aretha also told Fantasia that she has plenty of awards already to keep her warm, and now including a Grammy. In other words, Aretha is saying, what the hell are you complaining about?  And she also reminded the girl that it wasn’t about her, but it was all about Aretha.

All that work Fantasia had been doing during the year, despite the very bad press of having an affair with a married man with children, and then she had to cop an attitude?   What the hell kind of management and handlers does Fantasia have that they would allow her to sabotage herself?  She just blew away not one but several opportunities because she ran her mouth.

Plus, Fantasia riled the very individual she claims that she admires and emulates.  No sense, no sense at all.  But what can you expect from a young woman was illiterate only until a couple of years ago?   The business is more than just throwing your weight around whenever you feel like it.  Aretha learned that from all those musicians and singers who passed through her father’s house all those years ago.  Like Fantasia, she may not have had luck in love and relationships, and I think the woman still needs a stylist, but what Aretha has learned in common sense and experience in her profession hasn’t yet failed her.  That’s the difference between her and a Fantasia Barrino.

Some people enjoy digging their own graves, I swear.

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  1. i agree…she needs to get o-v-e-r herself… and get a stylist, and stop looking like a…well!!!!!! and close her mouyh and not talk soooo much…good manners and class will take you a long way. this is just my opinion…aretha has class and talent!!!!!


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