Hilarious! Governor Scott Walker PUNKed by Progressive Journalist Posing as Right-Wing Billionaire David Koch

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

The news broke late this morning (while I was a funeral for a friend), and let me tell you all of Wisconsin are either aghast, stunned, or are practically rolling with laughter and slapping high fives at this development. Because the recording proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what those protesting have been saying all along: that Governor Scott Walker is a tool of the right wing who want to break unions and also to cripple one of the financial mainstays of the Democratic Party. The recording proves that this is not even an economic crisis, but a political ploy unfolding not only in Wisconsin, but in states like Indiana, Ohio, Idaho and Massachusetts, where Ted Kennedy must be spinning in his grave. Even NBC political analyst Chuck Todd, here in Mad City for all the excitement, spoke to a Channel 15 anchor and shook his head this p.m. at what he feels is a public relations debacle for the governor. “He’ll never live this down,” said Todd. “Never.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been lured into a conversation about his strategy to cripple public employee unions by a prank caller pretending to be a billionaire Republican donor.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie confirms the governor is on audio of the call posted Wednesday on the website of the Buffalo Beast, a left-leaning New York newspaper.

The governor believes the caller is conservative businessman David Koch. He talks about plans for layoff notices and what can be done to punish lawmakers who’ve left the state.

The caller suggests Walker take a baseball bat when meeting with Democrats. Walker jokes he has “a slugger with my name on it.”

Brothers David and Charles Koch have given millions to support Americans For Prosperity, which has launched a $320,000 ad campaign supporting Walker.


The blogger who posed as conservative billionaire David Koch to prank Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he is shocked how easily he was able to get through.

Ian Murphy is editor of the website the Buffalo Beast in New York. He said Wednesday he came up with the prank to test how easily Koch could speak to Walker when Democrats complained the governor doesn’t return their calls.

Murphy says he arranged the call with Walker after speaking with two aides, including the governor’s chief of staff. He says he made the call using Skype and posted audio online at 3 a.m. Wednesday.

On the call, Walker talks about his strategy in the state’s ongoing battle over union rights and revealed plans to pressure Senate Democrats to come back to Wisconsin.

Oh, the Associated Press is so succinct about such things that they forget the juice. Especially Walker tipping his hand as to how he will get his own way in this manufactured budget standoff. First:

Walker: So this is ground zero, there’s no doubt about it. [Talks about a “great” NYT piece of “objective journalism.” Talks about how most private blue-collar workers have turned against public, unionized workers.]…So I went through and called a handful, a dozen or so lawmakers I worry about each day and said, “Everyone, we should get that story printed out and send it to anyone giving you grief.”

Koch: Goddamn right! We, uh, we sent, uh, Andrew Breitbart down there.


Koch: Yeah.

Walker: Good stuff.

Koch: He’s our man, you know.

Walker: [blah about his press conferences, attacking Obama, and all the great press he’s getting.] Brian [Sandoval], the new Governor of Nevada, called me the last night he said—he was out in the Lincoln Day Circuit in the last two weekends and he was kidding me, he said, “Scott, don’t come to Nevada because I’d be afraid you beat me running for governor.” That’s all they want to talk about is what are you doing to help the governor of Wisconsin. I talk to Kasich every day—John’s gotta stand firm in Ohio. I think we could do the same thing with Vic Scott in Florida. I think, uh, Snyder—if he got a little more support—probably could do that in Michigan. You start going down the list there’s a lot of us new governors that got elected to do something big.

Koch: You’re the first domino.

Walker: Yep. This is our moment.

And of course, here’s the big enchilada:

Walker: You’ve got a few of the radical ones — unfortunately, one of them’s the minority leader — but most of the rest of them are just looking for a way to get out of this. They’re scared out of their minds. They don’t know what it means. There’s a bunch of recalls up against them. They’d really like to just get back up here and get it over with. So the paycheck thing, some of the other things threatening them, I think collectively there’s enough going on, and as long as they don’t think I’m going to cave, which again we have no interest in. An interesting idea that was brought up to me by my chief of staff, we won’t do it until tomorrow, is putting out an appeal to the Democratic leader. I would be willing to sit down and talk to him, the assembly Democrat leader, plus the other two Republican leaders—talk, not negotiate and listen to what they have to say if they will in turn—but I’ll only do it if all 14 of them will come back and sit down in the state assembly. They can recess it… the reason for that, we’re verifying it this afternoon, legally, we believe, once they’ve gone into session, they don’t physically have to be there. If they’re actually in session for that day, and they take a recess, the 19 Senate Republicans could then go into action and they’d have quorum because it’s turned out that way. So we’re double checking that. If you heard I was going to talk to them that’s the only reason why. We’d only do it if they came back to the capitol with all 14 of them. My sense is, hell. I’ll talk. If they want to yell at me for an hour, I’m used to that. I can deal with that. But I’m not negotiating.

Wow, what a hardcase.

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But oh, this is priceless. Priceless. Thank you for guerrilla journalism. I thought the punks with Sarah Palin during the ’08 campaign were matchless, but that was not necessarily in the commission of a goal. We all knew Palin was a few French fries short of a Happy Meal™, but this off-the-cuff conversation gives Walker no wriggle room at all.  He lies in public, but in private?  He’s bragging that he’s calling Republican governors to give no quarter on unions and public employees, and that he’s now a rock star among Republicans.  He’s got no time to talk to people, but he will talk to the most important right-wing sponsor that he possesses.

Above, Ian Murphy of The Buffalo Beast was interviewed by Lawrence O’Donnell tonight during O’Donnell’s MSNBC’s show, The Last Word.

Naturally, when the jerk governor learned that he had been suckered, he called a quick news conference and insisted that that all this was how he had spoken all the time to the press, to the protesters, to the lawmakers. Uhuh, right.

The damage has been done. And he’s going to have to cave, because of his big, fat mouth.

Tonight, around 6:30 p.m., reporter Pat Simms of the Wisconsin State Journal tweeted the following:

Dem Sen. Chris Larson says WED he expects three Republican senators to soon request that the budget repair bill be withdrawn.

If this is true, Scott Walker is done.   Give it time.

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