The P.S. 22 Chorus Closes The Oscars

The P.S. 22 Chorus (with their musical director Gregg Breinberg) visited and sang at Disneyland during their stay in Southern California before the Oscar ceremony at the Kodak Theater. Being in this chorus has no doubt made these lower-middle class fifth graders from Staten Island dream big dreams for the future. Let's hope that they achieve those dreams, and become productive and happy (Courtesy: Disney Dreaming)

I think this year’s Oscars, for the most part, was a yawner, except for 94-year-old Kirk Douglas, Colin Firth, and even eff-bomber Melissa Leo.  I think it was a bad idea to have Anne Hathaway (much as I like her), and James Franco together as Oscar hosts, and in fact, the ratings confirm it.  Nothing wrong with having the younger set handle things, but the chemistry was awkward and forced. Hathaway was just too exuberant; I heard her whooping at times while presenters or performers came to the mic. Maybe she thought she was at a sports arena.

The Oscars is supposed to be a show with gravity and class, with a few great lines thrown in, and some reasonably good entertainment. The absolute nadir, I feel, was when that hip hop song, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” by Three Six Mafia won Best Original Song a few years back.  What in hell?  One wonders who now has custody of the statuettes.  To give equal time, I didn’t like it when Mr. Slim Shady won an Oscar for the soundtrack to Eight Mile.

When Billy Crystal came on stage at one point last night, I wanted to beg him to take over the proceedings.  Seriously, I went back and forth between an old Poirot episode and the show last night, and I thought that I had missed these children in the interim, but they saved the best for last, and here they are.

Apparently Mashable called their video the “You Tube Video of the Day.”

Nothing like beautiful voices conveying hope. You go, kids.

~ by blksista on February 28, 2011.

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