Tea Time with Wendy Williams and Aretha Franklin

Apparently Wendy Williams and Miss Re have quite the relationship these days, because the Queen of Soul submitted to an exclusive interview with the self-proclaimed Queen of  All Media (and Wild Animal Print Clothes). Why not?  They both have large-sized breastesses for one thing, but Miss Re’s pride are more real.   Then again, Miss Re also chose Wendy, first appearing by phone on her show several weeks ago.  Whether Wendy made some overtures beforehand to the Queen of Soul or not,  this is certainly a coup for her, despite the fact that Miss Re still did not explain how and why she underwent serious surgery.  Coupled with being chosen as a contestant for the twelfth season of Dancing with the Stars, Wendy Williams must be basking in the limelight of success. I wish Wendy was back at her regular time on Channel 3.2, but who am I to call the shots at TV-W, in Mad City?

TV-W, Channel 3.2, over here in Madison puts Wendy’s show on at 4:00 a.m. in the morning these days, while The Steven and Chris Show takes over the 3:00-4:00 slot where Wendy was previously located, and The Gossip Queens with the always entertaining Filipino American actor-comedian Alec Mapa and the George Clooney-and Roscoe’s Chicken-loving Loni Love (who I cannot abide!) and Inside Edition tag-team the 4:00-5:00 position. Frankly, I don’t really like too many decorating shows–not because Steven and Chris are lousy overall–but The Gossip Queens suck great donkey doo, and their programs are way behind topically with what gossip that has been occurring.

To get back to the story, I was tipped off about the tea time interview, which took place last Friday at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan by a floor mate, and while I knew that I couldn’t wake up that early for even Wendy, I knew that the video would end up on You Tube or elsewhere. Sure enough, I was able to get both chapters of the interview.  More rumors are swirling that Aretha’s malady was not pancreatic cancer, but a gastric bypass surgery procedure that may have gone wrong. And the amount of weight that Aretha has lost seems to confirm the latter. Excuse me for using Faux Noise, but:

In an appearance on the Wendy Williams show Wednesday, music legend Aretha Franklin revealed that she has shed a remarkable 85 pounds after deciding that she was “entirely too fat.”

But according to one expert, given her age and the amount of weight she has to lose, simple diet and exercise alone are not enough to have brought on such drastic results.

Beverly Hills-based surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Koplin (who does not treat Franklin) noted that losing such a vast amount of weight in a short period of time is incredibly challenging with diet and exercise alone.

“Losing this amount of weight with exercise and diet would require a strict, strict team, and is said to be impossible especially those above 40 with a slowed metabolism,” Koplin told us. “Surgical correction is the fastest way to see an 85 pound weight decrease in just a few months.”

Franklin’s weight loss followed a major health scare late last year, after the 68-year-old underwent surgery for an undisclosed ailment in December after complaining of debilitating side pains. Fans and the media speculated that she was suffering with pancreatic cancer, a claim she consistently denied.

But Internet rumors are now swirling that indeed Franklin was not diagnosed with cancer, but became seriously ill – canceling a slew of concerts and appearances including the recent Grammys – due to complications surrounding a gastric bypass surgery procedure.

Although it is not known exactly when Franklin embarked on a weight loss regime, she looked significantly larger while performing in Philadelphia on July 27, 2010 and bigger than current at [a] Heat v Pistons game on February 11, 2011.

I hope that they are monitoring the girl well, because seriously, 85 lbs is a lot of weight to lose in so short a time, no matter how “gradual” she calls it, and for her age.  It makes me wonder for the condition of her heart and her blood pressure, because any precipitous change after some 25-odd years of being morbidly obese may have an unwanted effect.  She’s not out of the woods yet.  Aretha claims she’s only a dress size away from her ideal weight. However, she “admits the toughest part about the weight-loss was cutting out the calories late at night after shows: “After you’ve done a high-energy concert, a carrot isn’t gonna work!””

So get one of those natural food caterers that can do something with a carrot and more, and stay with a qualified nutritionist, an exercise program and perhaps even a therapist who could help you. You can’t just leave it to the divine to help you work out your problem. You have to help yourself.  Eventually, that raging addiction to eating late at night will go away.  And pork?  The celebrated, but evil ingredient of some African American cuisine?  She and a whole lot of other black folks oughta leave off the pig and stay away except for certain occasions.  I’ve curtailed eating pig considerably since my own heart scare.  And you even have to worry about the bacon substitutes: full of salt and other questionable preservatives and flavorings.  However, I am glad Aretha is still with us, and while it may not have been cancer as previously reported, gastric bypass surgery is very serious and is also nothing to sneeze at.

And Wendy? Even when I don’t agree with you, you go, girl.

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  1. I believe she had gastric bypass surgery and I don’t think she should be ashamed to admit it. She looked to be close to 300 pounds if not more earlier last year and the weight itself can have debilitating results. I had a friend who had the surgery and also had complications from it, resulting in Crohn’s disease and additional surgery. I am glad for her that it was not cancer.


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