Chad Vader Reports on The Demonstrations in Madison for Faux Noise

If you’re acquainted with Chad Vader and his adventures at the Empire Market (also known as Willy Street Coop), you’ll love this latest from the other son of Darth Vader.

Chad has been hired by Faux Noise (Fox News) to report on the protests at the Capitol Square. Apparently, his investigative reporting has uncovered the fact that “onions” are being stripped by Governor Walker, and that the indiscriminate use of puppies as human shields and plastic palm trees by the demonstrators are destroying the Capitol Building. Also, the violence on the ground is just too painful for this man on the street.

Blame Society Films has just released Volume 3 of Chad Vader’s exploits. Creators/actors  Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan write: “Since we (the creators of Chad Vader) live in Madison Wisconsin, we find FOX‘s coverage of the (protests) event particularly amusing.”

I know that’s right. 🙂


~ by blksista on March 7, 2011.

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