“Burning” Madison, “Burning” Wisconsin

They rammed collective bargaining out of Wisconsin last night. And it was not only about ending collective bargaining and destroying the unions. Oh, no. Wisconsin Republicans don’t want Barack Obama to win the state in 2012.

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President Obama, this is a message for you: forget that non-confrontation BS. Forget Clintonesque triangulation. This is the time to confront. This is the time to give aid and comfort to Democrats. The Republicans don’t want you to succeed, because their candidates are so weak and without much national appeal. They already don’t want Sarah Palin, because of her ignorance, her incompetence, her nastiness, her corruption and her grifting family. At least they have that much intelligence not to shoot themselves in both kneecaps by supporting her as a candidate for the presidency in 2012.

But this is an attack on Democrats, and an attack on you. And if you think that this is something you can avoid, you best believe right now that you are not dealing with a full deck.

I mentioned that this is now “burning” Wisconsin. I don’t use the term lightly. Kansas before and during the Civil War was burning or bleeding, split between slavery and anti-slavery adherents.  This was more an economic issue than a genuine issue about the humanity of black people, although people like John Brown certainly felt that it was both. Those who were against slavery in Kansas were more inclined to believe in free labor, and slavery tended to lower wages for white laborers. Plus, plantations took more arable land away from those who wanted to till the soil on their own.

Now, in 2011, this is a fight between those who believe in collective bargaining and labor negotiation, and those who do not and who think that this state should be run like a dictatorship.

There are people who think that Wisconsin should be run like a business. Well, a business is much like a dictatorship, in which one guy at the top dictates to his workers how he wants things to go, and how much he wants to pay them, even if they and the business go off a cliff.  And you either take it  and have food on the table, or leave it or get fired.  My way or the highway.  That’s the paradigm either in small business or corporate business.   More and more, the environment in business is how alike the workers are; there is no place for difference or dissension from a standard.

But representative government is much different than a business. It is not made for one-man rule. Power is shared, not centered on one man.  Representative government or democracy is made for compromise and consensus.  Anything else, and you have the equivalent of totalitarian government or worse, Naziism.

All in all, such government is not Wisconsin. This is not democracy. Wake up, America. This is how low we have sunk to think that this is something that people can thrive and work with.

We don’t have a John Brown in this mess, but we certainly have our Quantrills–Scott Walker, the Fitzgeralds, the Koch brothers. If this situation continues and if this illegality stands, friendships, families, communities will be decimated and divided from each other, hence the “burning” label.  This will “torch” the state’s peace from top to bottom.   This bill will create not one extra job in the state.

And if a Republican wins the presidency in 2012, look for them to go after the minimum wage.  This is no joke.

Recall the Wisconsin Republican 8. Recall Governor Walker. Let’s find a better way, Wisconsin.

~ by blksista on March 10, 2011.

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