How Come Haiti Can Stand With Japan, But The Rest of The World Doesn’t?

I got this from Black Tokyo. The two Haitian boys, as poor as they are, and probably street children, get it.

So why doesn’t the rest of the world stand with Japan? I don’t see George Clooney doing a telethon for Japan.  What is up with that?  Just because Japan is an economic power does not mean that it does not need charitable help as well.  And it is not about the fact that people may not be able to open their wallets.  They have, even during these parlous times.  What  many people do not know is that Japan is still reverberating from its own economy crashing some years before. The world economy tanking in 2008 did not help matters, either.  And everything is smashed up and crushed.  On a good day, the Tohoku area looks like Haiti after its quake.

The world certainly stood with New Orleans, a queen city of the United States, which is often called the richest country in the world, and with Haiti, called one of the poorest or the poorest country in the world.

What is definitely needed in their midst is leadership and truth, just as it was with New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina and the levee breaks.  You have no idea how much the Japanese feel gypped and lied to by their own government trying so hard to save face instead of saving lives and helping its citizens. And despite all the right wing twaddle over here about Japanese not looting, they are. They’re just a lot quieter about it because the whole idea is shameful to them.  But it is nonetheless happening.  They’re scavenging and finding food in the oddest places because food and water hasn’t gotten to them.  It’s enough for some of them to start heaving bricks through windows of the Japanese Diet (parliament), at TEPCO, and at the Prime Minister himself.

Emperor Akihito, son of Hirohito (now called the Emperor Showa in death), certainly appeared to go out on his own and addressed his subjects within 48 hours of the quake/tsunami, and separate from the government, which seems rather paralyzed by its own inactivity.  But Akihito is little more than a figurehead, even more so than his father was after Japan was defeated.  His understandable concern is not leadership.

Don’t tell me Americans are still fighting the Pacific theatre in World War II.  That’s been way over, except on the movie screens.  Or the predominance of Toyota and Datsun/Nissan cars in the United States?  The Japanese have to compete with South Korea and the United States these days, and the United States has been besting both lately from some reports.

Or is Hollywood rallying too much behind Gilbert Gottfried to give a damn?

~ by blksista on March 19, 2011.

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