Whoopi Goldberg Fumes at Trump’s “Birther” Charges

When Whoopi is wrong, I’m going to call her out as wrong. But when she’s right, as in this case, she definitely is right.

Usually I turn the channel when The View features someone like Donald Trump. Trump is now polling well in a presidential match-up with Barack Obama, and a lot has been made of this. Donald Trump is a ridiculous blowhard as well as a reactionary. Which means that the Republican Party is still not dealing with a full set of brain cells, again with that crock about how the president of the United States should be like the CEO of a company. Guess what? If you ever took a civics class, with a discussion of the tripartite checks and balances within our government of the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary, such a dictator a CEO wouldn’t last five minutes pushing what he wants. A president doesn’t own a country like a CEO would either own a business or own majority stock in a company.

Long story short, however, Trump decided to use The View as his platform to present his birther credentials to the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party. And he’s not a smart guy or even a shrewd guy. Just your run-of-the-mill demagogue who talks just like Bill O’Lielly.

The world would definitely think we would have lost our minds once more if the voters chose this guy for the presidency in 2012.

For the record, FactCheck.org has the low down about the Obama birth certificate. They took pictures of the original certificate, with the raised seal and the printed stamp of the Hawaii state registrar, Alvin Oneka. And here is more:

[…]Among the most frequent objections we saw on forums, blogs and e-mails are:

  • The birth certificate doesn’t have a raised seal.
  • It isn’t signed.
  • No creases from folding are evident in the scanned version.
  • In the zoomed-in view, there’s a strange halo around the letters.
  • The certificate number is blacked out.
  • The date bleeding through from the back seems to say “2007,” but the document wasn’t released until 2008.
  • The document is a “certification of birth,” not a “certificate of birth.”

Recently FactCheck representatives got a chance to spend some time with the birth certificate, and we can attest to the fact that it is real and three-dimensional and resides at the Obama headquarters in Chicago. We can assure readers that the certificate does bear a raised seal, and that it’s stamped on the back by Hawaii state registrar Alvin T. Onaka (who uses a signature stamp rather than signing individual birth certificates). We even brought home a few photographs.

The certificate has all the elements the State Department requires for proving citizenship to obtain a U.S. passport: “your full name, the full name of your parent(s), date and place of birth, sex, date the birth record was filed, and the seal or other certification of the official custodian of such records.” The names, date and place of birth, and filing date are all evident on the scanned version, and you can see the seal above.

The document is a “certification of birth,” also known as a short-form birth certificate. The long form is drawn up by the hospital and includes additional information such as birth weight and parents’ hometowns. The short form is printed by the state and draws from a database with fewer details. The Hawaii Department of Health’s birth record request form does not give the option to request a photocopy of your long-form birth certificate, but their short form has enough information to be acceptable to the State Department. We tried to ask the Hawaii DOH why they only offer the short form, among other questions, but they have not given a response.

The scan released by the campaign shows halos around the black text, making it look (to some) as though the text might have been pasted on top of an image of security paper. But the document itself has no such halos, nor do the close-up photos we took of it. We conclude that the halo seen in the image produced by the campaign is a digital artifact from the scanning process.

We asked the Obama campaign about the date stamp and the blacked-out certificate number. The certificate is stamped June 2007, because that’s when Hawaii officials produced it for the campaign, which requested that document and “all the records we could get our hands on” according to spokesperson Shauna Daly. The campaign didn’t release its copy until 2008, after speculation began to appear on the Internet questioning Obama’s citizenship. The campaign then rushed to release the document, and the rush is responsible for the blacked-out certificate number. Says Shauna: “[We] couldn’t get someone on the phone in Hawaii to tell us whether the number represented some secret information, and we erred on the side of blacking it out. Since then we’ve found out it’s pretty irrelevant for the outside world.” The document we looked at did have a certificate number; it is 151 1961 – 010641.

There is even more information and photographs at this link.

Again, just like The Whoopster was saying, this whole controversy is based on the fact that Barack Obama is a black man who won the presidency of the United States in 2008. This pisses off racists to no end, and I include under that moniker all those who keep saying that they aren’t. If he wasn’t born a citizen, the entire U.S. intelligence community and the State Department would have stood up and objected to the man even running for the office. They would have seen a gyp and a fraud from that far. So Obama’s mojo is that potent that he could fool all these guys? And what would be the end result if Obama managed to deceive them and us with a phony birth certificate?   Who else benefits besides Barack Obama?   Puhleeze.  All others, outlined here at Wikipedia, are tripping out on a host of conspiracy theories that are growing bigger exponentially than the ones about who killed Kennedy.   Birthers cannot accept the fact that Obama is president, and face and deal with reality.

And if Donald Trump keeps rehashing this lie, that means that he wants followers that are easily led and think with their baser emotions.  So what does that finally say about him being a viable presidential candidate?

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