Getting “Real”: Bill Maher’s New Rules For Republicans After The Past Two Weeks

This was priceless. Once in a while, Bill Maher is off-center,  but most of the time he can’t help but be dead center on the mark regarding the Republicans and the Baggers. This was one of those times.  P.S., the guy laughing and fake-groaning in the background is black uber-intellectual Michael Eric Dyson.

As of today, the GOP no longer wears the mantle of the following, if it ever did at all:

  • fiscal responsibility
  • economic viability
  • national security
  • defense
  • common sense

…and etc. and et al. Which leads to Maher’s point: what the hell are they good for?  Especially when you realize what they have done.   Their bullshit and state of general disarray is so obvious after the events of the last week in April and the first week in May of this year, it should make the current stock of potential presidential candidates pause before they dig themselves in deeper and wider. Trump and the birthers are discredited beyond all recognition before the nation. Barack Obama has done what two presidents has failed to do: kill the most wanted and reviled terrorist leader of the last two decades: Osama bin Laden, the man responsible for the U.S.S. Cole bombing, for American embassies bombed in Africa, and first and foremost, for the deaths of nearly 3,000 civilians, firemen and other first responders, in the Twin Towers and on the planes that the notorious 19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia (and not Iraq) transformed into literal bombs.

He hasn’t hit the trifecta yet regarding the economy, but it takes more than good feelings to lift the nation out of the Depression that it is still experiencing. The rich are still richer, and Bernanke and Geithner are total idiots. Let’s leave it at that.  They were big mistakes. I would think, however, that after he is re-elected, Obama must clean house. These guys needed the heave a long time ago, and I think Maher and a lot of others agree with this idea, too. Let’s go in another direction, shall we?

Which leads me back to Maher’s observations last night, which means that the Republicans have absolutely no way to go but down. I mean, the personal, baseless smears; the cluelessness about the true needs of their constituencies beyond the Baggers and their corporate base; the conspiracy theories inveighed against the man amid the stink of racism are Simply. Not. Working. Not. And the Republicans don’t know how to lead a country.   The past two weeks should leave the distinct impression among the citizenry that perhaps the President apparently is. Else he wouldn’t have, as Seth Meyers pointed out, become a candidate to use cases of Just for Men or Grecian Formula regularly, just like his predecessors. He ain’t kicking back on his job.  This ain’t no party.

And yes, he does make mistakes, and I don’t like all of what he has done, but he still has time to do some things right.  Like wiping bin Laden.  I still wish the wipe hadn’t occurred before the eyes of his wives and children and preferably on a battlefield or Tora Bora, but  Obama is one black ninja gangster president.  And it’s lines like this that makes this week’s Real Time  fabulous.  It’s stuff like this that makes me miss cable.  Check it out.

~ by blksista on May 8, 2011.

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