Mildred Patricia Baena Revealed As The Mother of Schwarzenegger’s Child; But Rumors Abound That There Is Yet Another Child

This broke before seven this morning.  And yeah, I knew that there was strong evidence that she was a Latina.  Baena was known in the Schwarzenegger household as Patty.

No, she’s not beautiful, just ordinary. Mildred is Guatemalan, so her Native American forebears are also coming into play. She’s little and overweight in a middle-aged comfy mom kind of way. She’s had three other children. I have no idea how she looked before she came to work for the Schwarzeneggers, but I’m sure that she was attractive in her own way.  There’s a picture of her dancing with Schwarzenegger in the early 1990s at a party, and she’s wearing a miniskirt that shows her trim legs. The skirt is rather chaste compared to other women’s these days.  She looks sweet rather than suggestive.  Frankly, I don’t want to know what he thinks at that moment.

I swear, men can be shamelessShameless. And they all say black people are bad with the proliferation of baby mamas producing children at the same time for one guy?  The boy was conceived at the same time Maria Shriver became pregnant with her last son with Schwarzenegger.  SMDH.  So there are the two of them together, the servant  mistress and the wife both preggers, in the same house, with Ah-nuld, with the children.  Jeezus.  It even reminds me of  the worst aspects of slavery in “big houses” all over the South.

Radar has the real story, although the L.A. Times broke the story. Told ya that the bottomfeeders would. And it’s not so benign as people think. “Left on good terms,” my ass.

A blockbuster and Star Magazine joint investigation has uncovered the real reason behind the former California’s governor’s admission that he fathered a son out of wedlock — it was because a shameful Schwarzenegger fired his mistress from her job as a housekeeper in a desperate attempt to save his marriage to wife Maria Shriver.


“Mildred was furious that the father of her 14-year-old son would callously fire her from her job after decades of loyal service,” one of the Mildred’s closest confidantes told, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

“She admitted to friends how she finally wanted to tell the secret — that she had kept faithfully for 14 years — to the world.”

Mildred even entertained the idea of coming forward and speaking with a magazine, the source said.

“It was a nuclear blow-up between her and Arnold,” said the pal.

It’s not known if the Mildred’s tell-all plan was ever executed or whether the threat prompted 63-year-old Schwarzenegger’s disclosure about his illegitimate child.

What’s clear, however, is that this revelation is in direct contradiction to claims that the ex-maid ‘retired’ in January after two decades working at the Schwarzenegger/Shriver estate in Brentwood, California.

“Mildred did not retire… she was working for Arnold and Maria until about four weeks ago,” a source told

“But all of a sudden and out of nowhere, she was told there was no longer work for her.”

Said the insider: “Mildred took it hard.”

I’ll bet she did. She had been with them for over 20 years and felt, no doubt, that she had job security at Arnold’s behest. I think that the affair continued, on and off, after the boy was born. Then she was forced out by him, as some kind of sacrifice to keep his wife in line. That ploy did not work, and of course, it makes him look far worse. Mildred, who is now 50, did not live in the house, but lived elsewhere in Los Angeles County  Kern County, in Bakersfield, California, with Schwarzenegger’s son and possibly her other, older children in a four-bedroom house. claims that it was Mildred who pursued The Terminator in the late 1990s to play jumpoff.

Sources tell TMZ — in the late ’90s Patty began to “pursue Arnold.”  She told friends they would have unprotected sex during the day at the house.  Patty never slept overnight at the house and no one ever caught them in the act.

We’re told when she became pregnant, she didn’t tell Arnold he was the father. Arnold didn’t learn he was the daddy until the boy was a toddler.

Patty — who made $1,200 a week — was treated well by Arnold once he found out. Sources say Arnold was always “generous.”

Umph. It always takes two to tango, even in an unequal relationship, and I don’t see Ah-nuld ever playing a passive role in any kind of relationship he has with a woman.  That’s not how he rolls, from all news reports.  Plus, Mildred throwing herself at him sounds like all of a sudden, she had an agenda, but why?  What changed for her?  You would think that this would have been evident from the beginning, and not years later. There’s a missing piece here. Let’s say this: both were receptive to each other and for opportunities to jump each other’s bones for whatever reason.  And I suspect that for Mildred, it was lust, a kind of love, and a chance for financial stability. But it never works to boink the boss, and especially, a married boss. One wonders if Mildred really had a choice.

One more thing: a salary of $1,200 a week, coming to $4,800 a month gross before taxes can be nearly nothing compared to California‘s high cost of living, plus the fact that she helped to support three other children until 2008, when she divorced her husband Rogelio, and became the sole breadwinner.

What makes me wonder is how soon Maria Shriver suspected something was up when the boy, who would accompany his mama to her job and play with the other Schwarzenegger children, began to resemble his famous father? It’s likely that she, like the plantation mistresses of old, averted her eyes from the evidence, and said nothing until she couldn’t maintain her silence any longer.


Meanwhile, Gawker via L.A. Weekly was thinking out loud yesterday that there was an earlier “love child” that the Daily Mail had exposed several years ago.

I just heard from Wendy Leigh, the Schwarzenegger biographer and Daily Mail reporter who broke the love-child story in 2003, and she believes that today’s revelations might be about a second love-child. “I’m hearing that this is a different child,” she says. “Which means there are two.” Leigh stands by her 2003 account Schwarzenegger being the father of Tanner Tousignant, but if what she’s hearing today pans out, then Schwarzenegger’s statement today wasn’t about Tanner. So while he’s still a Schwarzenegger love-child, he’s not the latest Schwarzenegger love-child.

The boy, Tanner Tousignant, graduated from Brea Olinda High School in Brea, Calif., last year, according to his Facebook profile. His mother, Tammy Tousignant, served as a stewardess on Schwarzenegger’s private jet for 20 years. In a story that’s no longer online, the Daily Mail‘s Wendy Leigh outed her as the mother of Schwarzenegger’s child just days before the special election that swept him into the governor’s office. The story, which was picked up the National Enquirer, the Drudge Report, and the New York Daily News, bears quoting at length in light of today’s revelations…

Later, yesterday afternoon, Tousignant emphatically denied that her son was Schwarzenegger’s.

All this may have blown to hell Schwarzenegger’s plans to return to the big screen any time soon. Believe it.  Oh, those who have money on Schwarzenegger projects are saying that this scandale du jour will not affect him making money in Hollywood. You want to believe that?  Moviegoers are overwhelmingly female.  They are not going to go to a film any time soon with Ah-nuld in it. Women hate this shit; and then he dogs a Kennedy woman, too? There may have been exceptions, from Errol Flynn on down, but don’t count on Ah-nuld joining this rather questionable line-up of movie charmers and serial seducers that women cut some slack for. If you don’t believe me, think of another star gone completely wrong, Mel Gibson. After the exposure of his high octane rants towards the mother of his love child, Gibson couldn’t even make a cameo in The Hangover II movie.

More shoes are bound to drop regarding the length and breadth of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cheating, womanizing, groping, and baby making, so keep the popcorn warm.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Hasta la vista, baby.

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