Schwarzenegger Puts Reviving His Film Career On Hold, Plus News Outlets Are Baying to Publish a Photo of His Newly-Acknowledged Child

Well, I took it light today, watching Spike Lee‘s If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise, his HBO documentary about New Orleans five years after Katrina. And I still owe yall two three four more stories. However, I just thought that in the meantime, you’d check these new updates about l’affaire Schwarzenegger.

First of all, Ah-nuld is seeing the handwriting on the wall, and in a statement issued late today will not be pursuing any  film projects in the near future.  While he does state that he needs to put his house in order–if that were all–it also suggests that feelings about him are running so high and so negative that it would be a waste of money to even shoot Terminator 5, because the returns might be ghastly.

“At the request of Arnold Schwarzenegger we asked Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to inform all his motion picture projects currently under way or being negotiated to stop planning until further notice,” entertainment attorney Patrick Knapp said in a written statement.

Schwarzenegger had been scheduled to start production in August on his first movie since leaving the governor’s office in January.

Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines,” Knapp said. “This includes Cry Macho, the Terminator franchise and other projects under consideration.”

Schwarzenegger, who was once one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, appeared on his way to renewing a film career that was interrupted by his political career. The comeback plans will resume “when Governor Schwarzenegger decides,” Knapp said.

I think that he should have stayed in Hollywood, period. But I already know that his way was paved by those interests–especially oil interests–who wanted a Republican governor in Sacramento, and Gray Davis, frankly, did not stand a chance in hell with all that tinsel and Kennedy magic, and a generally misguided and star-struck voting population. I know that he was really trying to help Maria, but I still think Ted Kennedy’s everlasting apostasy was approving of and campaigning for his nephew-in-law. However, womanizers also seem to hang together regardless of family.

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Meanwhile, Mildred Patricia Baena, her now-famous thirteen-year-old son, and her current boyfriend and family are nowhere to be found. The neighbors haven’t seen them since Sunday. I’m sure the media is bird-dogging where they might be located, because according to one stalkerazzi photographer staking out the house in Bakersfield, a picture of this Schwarzenegger progeny is going to be worth at least a hundred thousand bills ($100,000 USD).

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Frankly, I wish they wouldn’t. I mean, seriously, the boy doesn’t need it. He needs to get over the shock over his true identity and to understand who he is, just like any teenager. Perhaps later, he can connect with his actual father, and much later, even with his half-siblings, when they get over their feelings of betrayal and disaffection. But this will take time, and it’s precious time away from the cameras. I wish that these guys would lay off on this aspect of the story and have some respect. I take their word for it, that the boy resembles Schwarzenegger. But there is a limit.  I’m not hungry for a photograph of the boy.

Besides, he is still a minor. His parents were the active players in the circumstances that brought him into being, not him. Right now, from several accounts, Baena’s son is a well-brought up, likeable, trusting youngster. I’d hate to see him turn into someone sullen, uncommunicative, bitter, and lost.  Unrelenting media coverage, as well as any further instances of lying and evasion from either his mother or his father could help transform this boy. From CNN:

His son by his former housekeeper is “a wonderful, very respectful, very intelligent young man,” according to a neighbor who said she often spoke to him.

“He’s very well centered and he’s just not your everyday kid,” said Marty Steelman, who lives next door to the Bakersfield, California, home that the boy and his mother moved into last summer.


“The son is a wonderful, very respectful, very intelligent young man,” Steelman said. “He’s got great manners.”

The boy would stop by her home and chat, once to sell something for a fundraiser for his middle school, she said. He told her husband that he is interested in martial arts, she said.

The child often played basketball in his back yard, she said. He knocked on her door several times to retrieve the ball after it bounced over the fence into her yard, she said.

“He’s just a really nice kid,” Steelman said. “If you had the choice of picking a child for mentoring, he would be the type of child that you would take on immediately and enjoy every minute of it.”

More stories are beginning to surface about Schwarzenegger skating on thin ice while he was governor, amid calls in Cali for an investigation whether campaign or taxpayer money were used for his sexual escapades.  This was on the Mediabistro blog, FishbowlL.A.:

Charlie LeDuff, a reporter with Detroit Fox affiliate WJBK, once met the woman alleged to be the mom of Arnold Schwarzegger‘s love child. After he showed up at a PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) motorcycle meeting for a New York Times profile and then waited in vain for the then Governor, LeDuff was invited as a consolation to Schwarzenegger’s home to watch the Golden Globes telecast of January 25th, 2004. Maria Shriver was there, as was the now infamous Mildred Baena. Remembers LeDuff:

On the television, a starlet pranced down the carpet. The bottom half of her dress looked like the bottom half of an ostrich. The top of the dress was nothing more than two straps criss-crossing her breasts. Schwarzenegger, fresh off his groping scandal — and with an East Coast reporter sitting in his living room no less — barked out: “Look at her! Some queer told her she looks good in that but her t–s look like s–t!”

That was Schwarzenegger in a snapshot.  Funny.  Assured.  Raunchy.  Self-destructive.  Not only did he have a reporter mingling with his family, he had his nanny-mistress.

LeDuff, a 2001 Pulitzer Prize winner, goes on to reveal that when he relocated from LA to the east coast, the only professional California connection to reach out to him, via letter, was Schwarzenegger. The contents of that letter also say it all.

Jeez.  But this goes to show how much the mainstream media knew otherwise about the image of the man, and yet held onto these stories by refusing to expose him, and thus aided, abetted and protected him.

At the same time, RadarOnline this afternoon seems to have exploded another Schwarzenegger lie: that he voluntarily told Maria about Mildred, which brought about the last-straw separation. Their story: that Arnold confessed to the affair only after Maria confronted both him and Mildred. Class indeed will tell.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did not voluntarily tell his wife that he fathered a love child with the housekeeper — instead he confessed only after Maria Shriver confronted the woman, who admitted it.

Maria asked Mildred Baena if her son was fathered by Arnold and the housekeeper broke down and confessed, and Star magazine uncovered in a joint investigation.

Armed with that information, Maria confronted her husband, who also admitted it.

That’s the real story of how the love child scandal unfolded in the Schwarzenegger household.

If that is true, then the only real balls in the family were owned by Maria Shriver. Not Arnold. He only owned the pants.

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