Don’t Say Gay, Say Takei

George Takei is at it again. The more I see him, the younger he gets, and the more inventive and irreverent. Take it away, ColorLines:

Forget hand wringing, George Takei’s got solutions. Back in April, Takei took to Twitter to let the people of Tennessee know that if their state succeeds in its attempts to ban teachers from saying the word “gay” in class, they were free to use his own name as a replacement. As in: “I support Takei rights.”

At this point it’s hard to know what’s sillier, the proposed law or Takei’s lovable video he made offering the same.

It’s got to be the law, but the idiot thing passed anyway, 19-11 in the Tennessee Senate.

Labeled as the “don’t say gay” bill by opponents, Senate Bill 49 – which prohibits the teaching of homosexuality to elementary and middle school students – passed 19-11 in the Senate on Friday, after the main sponsor added an amendment limiting its range.

The original bill, backed by Republican Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville), prohibited the teaching of or furnishing of materials on human sexuality other than heterosexuality in public school grades K-8.

But because some of Campfield’s colleagues were uncomfortable with the language used in the proposed legislation, an amendment was written, limiting any instruction or material made available or provided to a public elementary or middle school exclusively to “age-appropriate natural human reproduction science,” according to The Associated Press.

Explaining that the language was fitting because “homosexuals don’t naturally reproduce,” Campfield said that the new wording was necessary because the state’s curriculum was unclear on what could be taught.

What the hell? Gays don’t naturally reproduce? Men don’t reproduce, and women can’t without sperm, but with some help, they can. Tell that sh*t to the lesbian mommies and gay dads corps passing on their names and patrimony to their descendants.  Not everyone is going to have kids, be they gay or straight.

I love George Takei, though.  Keep doing what you’re doing, guy.

~ by blksista on May 23, 2011.

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