Mario McNeill, Accused Killer of Shaniya Davis, Wants Bail

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Oh, hell no. Just because Antoinette is out on bail with her head down doesn’t mean your rusty behind deserves to be out as well.

This news is about five days old. What unmitigated gall. From

A man charged with raping and killing a 5-year-old Fayetteville girl has requested his release while awaiting trial.

“Release me. It’s easiest,” Mario Andrette McNeill said in a hand-written note from Central Prison in Raleigh, where he is being held for his own safety.

McNeill, 30, was arrested in November 2009 on charges he kidnapped, raped and murdered Shaniya Davis. Her body was found in a kudzu patch near the Lee-Harnett county line six days after she disappeared from her Fayetteville home.

An autopsy determined that Shaniya died of asphyxiation and that injuries she suffered were consistent with a sexual assault. A medical examiner noted in the autopsy that investigators believe the girl was used to pay off a drug debt.

Shaniya’s mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, 26, was charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse–prostitution, filing a false police report and obstructing a police investigation. Arrest warrants state that Davis “did knowingly provide Shaniya with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude” and “did permit an act of prostitution with Shaniya.”

A grand jury hasn’t yet indicted McNeill or Antoinette Davis in the case, and no trial dates can be set until then. The Cumberland County grand jury meets next on June 13.

McNeill addressed his request “To Whom This May Concern” and mailed it to the Cumberland County Clerk of Court.

This is ridiculous. I can well understand that Cumberland County and the state are hard up for cash to even put this and other trials together, but how long is it going to take for them to put these wastes of breath away permanently? This is not a game. No wonder he’s wanting to be released after almost two years–enough time for any adult murderer to walk in some states after time served.

This is a  man who raped and murdered a five-year-old girl child. And if he has been sequestered for his own safety even in jail, how does he think things will be if he is freed on bail? Someone–or some people–will catch up with his ass and give him a beatdown to end all beatdowns.  This video above of Antoinette Davis, Shaniya’s mother, taken while she was still pregnant last year, shows that the media knows more than the general populace about when to confront her.  All the court dates have been pushed back or continued.   As quiet as it is kept, the authorities want to sweep this under the rug, too.  Why?

Naturally, this news garnered about 78 mostly furious responses (counted at my visit this morning).

The Fayetteville Observer said that his public defenders were aware of the handwritten request.

McNeill, 30, was charged in November 2009 with first-degree murder, first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping.

He is being represented by two lawyers from the state’s Office of Indigent Defense Services.

One of them, Terry Alford of Spring Hope, said Wednesday that he was aware of the letter and why McNeill wrote it but that he could not comment.

It’s the “easiest” way? The easiest way to do what?

That grand jury had better get off their cans and start doing something.

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