Technical Difficulties: Vodpod Grabbing, Firefox, WordPress and Upgrading

Some of you may have encountered an empty space where a video could be.

Not necessarily my fault after some research.

I currently run Firefox 4.  Unfortunately, Vodpod, the video grabber that I use, doesn’t yet support Firefox 4.  It only supports Firefox 3.6.

Which means that some grabbed videos, like an excellent BBC video homage  on Gil Scott-Heron, and a BBC video of Satoshi Kanazawa expounding some of his findings, doesn’t appear on the blog, but it does appear in the Vodpod video area in my side bar.  Normally near the bottom, I have brought it up closer to where more recent blog articles have appeared until further notice.

Please continue to enjoy until some things come up to speed.  And yes, I do revise my plug-ins, too.


~ by blksista on May 29, 2011.

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