Eddie Long Opening Another New Birth Satellite Church in Denver, CO? (w/Update)

UPDATE (6/4/11, 3:02 p.m. CDT):

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that Bishop Long is opening yet another cult center New Birth satellite church in Birmingham, AL. The announcement was made during church services this morning.

Long also said the Lithonia megachurch recently received its certified audit back from 2010 and 2009. He didn’t explain why the audit was conducted. “All your money’s being done right and being calculated right,” he said.

Um, was this a private audit done to stave off a more invasive Federal audit yet to come? Or is he sanitizing or ditching the evidence?  Just asking, because I don’t trust how he’s treated the parishioners’ money these days.

Parishioners who were financially able were also asked to make larger donations ($500 to $1,000) as a seed for the ministry.

Uhuh. Right.

And he’s lost Roland Martin, too.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is Darius Wise (above) who will head the New Birth satellite church that will, or already is, open in Denver.   And this must be his payoff for his devotion and loyalty.

Long has got to be kidding.  He’s in the hole an estimated $15 million (the suspected payoff to the four accusers). He’s had to lay off staff at New Birth and kill his famous Easter services. He has to see his former acolyte Reverend Bernice King off as a possible spiritual rival (from what one story says, she gave the other pastors, the inner circle and staff members direction and was called their “ministerial beacon,” not Long). There are probably other setbacks that he is facing that we have not yet heard about amid falling membership and revenues. And he’s opening a new church?

Darius Wise, an elder and chief ministry officer of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, will serve as the senior pastor of New Birth Denver. He was annointed and appointed by Long earlier this month.

Wise is seen in a YouTube video posted in mid-May speaking about New Birth Denver.

“Over the last 20 years, the church’s reach has extended throughout the globe. We are so excited and grateful to God that we see a door and an opportunity opening in Denver, Colorado,” he said.

Wise was also one of Long’s youth leaders.

In any business, when financial reverses occur, one tightens up and tries not to incur too many more expenses than one can handle.   And yes, church is a business, true believers.  The other satellite churches may not be doing as well either.  So why bust the bank with a new satellite church?  Is this a bid to find another source of revenue?

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not a good idea at all, but good sense has not been Eddie Long‘s co-pilot.   I mean, what is he telling himself?  That things will be alright after six months?  After another year if he just presses on?  Oh, hell no.  A  smart guy would hand the reins temporarily over to a trusted assistant pastor or two, and then take off with or without the wife and children where no one has heard of him  for a few long months.  But again, Bishop Long is not a self-reflecting kind of guy.  He makes a great show of prayer, but actually he’s not that kind of guy.   He’s a hands-on guy.  He’s so hands-on that I would bet that he’d be afraid lest there be a general uprising back at New Birth, and he might find his stuff carted to the parking lot of that mega-monstrosity that is New Birth for a flea market while he is gone.

Oh, hell no.  Don’t get me wrong, if you ask me, I think that the whole thing should crash and burn.  So Long may be putting his foot on the gas regardless of what is happening around him, but he still has to pay for that gas, too.  While this move may have been in the works before the scandal broke, it may just accelerate Long’s downfall.

New Birth runs other churches in Oakland, CA and Charlotte, NC.  Lay in some popcorn…

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