It’s Going To Be HOT in Madison Today

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Seems like this year’s seasons have gone from winter to summer.  Not winter, spring, then summer, but from winter straight to summer. I’m sure many Madisonians have been yearning for spring, but we’ve suddenly gotten summer. And I do mean summer.  The high today, June 7, is going to be 97 degrees at 4:00 p.m.

A heat advisory has been called for Mad City as well as for the rest of Dane County. This was the advisory at 7:30 a.m., from Channel 3000:

Wisconsin Emergency Management officials are reminding residents to pay attention to heat safety issues as area temperatures climb into the 90s.

A heat advisory for southern Wisconsin is in effect from noon until 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

Heat is the No. 1 weather-related killer in Wisconsin and nationwide most years.

They are reminding people to never keep children or pets in hot cars. Officials said people should avoid strenuous work outdoors and stay hydrated.

If people start feeling the physical effects of heat stroke, they should seek help immediately, officials said.

“Really listen to your body if it’s giving you the warning signs that you need to take action. If you need to get shelter, need to get water, liquids, do it,” said Tod Pritchard, of Wisconsin Emergency Management.

If a person stops sweating, it’s a sign of heat stroke, which can turn deadly quickly.

To learn more about heat stroke warning signs and heat safety tips, go to

WISC-TV meteorologist Haddie McLean said Tuesday will be mostly sunny, breezy, hot and humid with a high temperature of 97. The heat index will be 97 to 102.

McLean said a record high for Madison is 94 degrees, which was set in 1933.

McLean said Tuesday night will be partly cloudy and very muggy with a low of 72.

Madison Metro will be allowing people on buses for free during this high temperature time, because the air conditioners will be on for those travelers, especially for the elderly.

Furthermore, the cops are citing people who leave their pets to sweat in cars. Imagine if this was a baby instead of a dog. Don’t leave your good sense at home.

A 42-year-old Sun Prairie man is facing a $177 fine for leaving his dog in a car while he ran an errand in a nearby building.

The incident happened just after 3 p.m. Monday in the 200 block of Doty Street.

Police said officers were sent to a car on Doty Street for a report of a distressed dog in a car. When officers got there, they found a shepherd mix in the car, with the windows cracked open. It was 93 degrees outside at the time of the incident, and police said the temperature inside the car was most likely over 100 degrees.

Which means this, people:

1. Don’t leave your children, especially small infants, in your cars, even for a few minutes. Within those minutes, a baby could be in serious condition leading to death, in a closed, locked hot car in the hot, direct sunlight. And it doesn’t matter if they are in the shade either. Leave them home with a minder or sitter, or choose another day to do errands. And it doesn’t matter if you leave older children minding younger ones in a car with the windows rolled down. They will still dehydrate.

2. Look in on your elderly friends and family members. Make sure that they are comfortable and hydrated during these few days of heat. Persuade the more hard-headed of these that they should not be working in the garden this afternoon, or else.  That “or else” means more of an opportunity for high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke to lay them low. If their home is too hot or if their fan or air conditioner is broken or not sufficient, buy them a couple of fans.  Or bring them to your house for a day or to a place where they could have company, stimulation, coolness and safety, like a senior center.

3. Don’t leave your pets–cats or dogs–in the car as you go shopping. If anything, if the store allows, tether a dog to a post or tree, hopefully in the shade.  When your errand is completed, bring them some water or a snow cone.  Take kitty with you if the store allows. If they don’t, take them home. If you care about their lives, take them or leave them home with fans or the air conditioners on and some water in their dishes.

4. If you are doing groceries, don’t leave your food in the car for too long. Spoiled foods, especially dairy and meats, have a way of creating opportunities for food poisoning. Vegies will also wilt. Buy your food and then take them directly home. Don’t leave them in the trunk.

5. If you must walk somewhere today, bring an umbrella or parasol. This is something from the South, in which older black and white women would raise their brollies up to have some shade walking from place to place.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, but whether you are willing to lower the temps on you.  Use your discretion.  Drink a glass of water before you leave your home or office, or look for a bubbler (drinking fountain to you non-Wisconsinites).  Take your sunblock with you as well or slather some for babies and toddlers onto your young children.

I will say that it is a good day for laying in popsicles, frozen slushes and going to the pool or the lakes (which involves a whole new set of precautions). Please be safe today, and not sorry.

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