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Benq laptop

Image via Wikipedia, and they should know.

And possibly on yet another laptop, I hope.  Me and laptops are not friends, I will tell you.  They are quirky creatures.  I think my next computer after this might be a desktop, either from Craigslist or a local dealer.

I’ve been working my literal behind off at my minimum wage job, so I haven’t been able to  write as much as I would like regarding the black woman accuser of Strauss-Kahn, Weiner’s weenie, Eman al Obeidi (whose story is getting crazier by the day), Walkerville,  the departure of Mrs. Eddie Long, and even the picture of the guys in the panes above grouped together.  Who are they?  The Black Men of Labor of New Orleans.  Two of their members were spotlighted in Spike’s documentaries about New Orleans.

Anyway, I am behind with my tired behind, please forgive me.  But you’ll be hearing from me soon.

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  1. I hope you get a chance to review the youtube video of Eddie Long where one of the parishioners “gifts” him with a stack of money.


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