A Stunt? Bishop Eddie Long Gets a Huge Wad of Green from An Unidentified Female Parishioner

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Know what I think? I think that it was staged.  At times, pastors use tactics like this to spur more offerings or to insure the loyalty of parishioners.  Handsome traveling preachers stopping by, or in the case of cults,  faith healing (Jim Jones was good with this kind of thing), or a big wad of green from an “anonymous”  donor plopped into the hands of the pastor.

The young woman looks very calm and quiet. Perhaps too calm. I kept looking to see her expression as the church erupted.  She may have begun weeping; at least, that’s what I think.  The top of her head seemed to tremble.   Really, though, she was hidden by all the people around her, or she had scrunched down so that she wouldn’t be seen.

I see Long isn’t opening up that wad, either. I wonder whether it’s real money or money from a color photo copier.  Or just a stack of one-dollar bills.

If it wasn’t staged, the unidentified young woman will never see that money again.

~ by blksista on June 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “A Stunt? Bishop Eddie Long Gets a Huge Wad of Green from An Unidentified Female Parishioner”

  1. A woman with that much cash to give him should have kept a few dollars for herself to get that bad hair done. ( watch the staged clip) anyone with that much cash to give his fake ministry should have taken care of.that hair. It was in need ! He is really pulling out the cheap tricks now. The sad thing is that some people will still support his mess !


  2. This guys is full of shit, It makes me sick thinking of how may people who desperately need money for food or their children s clothing or medicine but gave their money to this fraud so he could gas up his B.M.W.


  3. I have to feel it’s staged. And it did just as you mentioned–folks started rolling up, and money started rolling in. SMDH. It was probably a wad like Fred Sanford used to have–cash on the outside, with a notepad on the inside.


  4. I absolutely believe 100% it was staged. First of all, on a normal Sunday, no one can just walk by his henchmen to hand him jack, let alone a stack of money. He’s desperate for money and followers and will do anything to get it.

    There is scripture against this show of giving so folks should know he continues to defy the word of God and remains arrogant in his sin.


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