Clarence “Big Man” Clemons, 69, The Boss’ Saxophonist, Rallies After Stroke

This was the moment that I first became aware of Clarence Clemons, featured prominently in Aretha Franklin‘s comeback single and video, “Freeway of Love.”  (Narada Michael Walden, who produced Franklin’s comeback album, Who’s Zoomin’ Who? is the drummer in the video and the guy mugging in the headlights.)

They’re taking it one day at a time in Clemons’ hospital room.  According to the above news video, E Street Band members were advised to come quickly to his bedside.  Although his prognosis is guarded, Clarence Clemons is showing movement on his left side.  He is trying to come back, but this is the latest of several health setbacks.  Clemons has been with Bruce Springsteen for over forty years.

From The Chicago Tribune:

“Yesterday it did not look good at all,” a “close friend” told the well-connected Springsteen fan site on Monday. “Today… miracles are happening. His vital signs are improving. He’s responsive. His eyes are welling up when we’re talking to him. He was paralyzed on his left side, but now he’s squeezing with his left hand. This is the best news we’ve heard since [the stroke] happened — it’s nothing short of miraculous. The next five days will still be critical. But he’s a fighter.”

Clemons reportedly underwent two brain surgeries after the stroke and was in serious, but stable condition, the site stated.

The 69-year-old Clemons, a fixture at Miami Heat games, was forced to bow out of performing the “Star-Spangled Banner” before Game 2 of the just-ended NBA Finals with what a Heat spokesman said was an injured hand. Clemons, who in recent years has undergone knee replacements and spinal surgery, used a single crutch on his left arm to reach his seat for the June 2 game.

Clemons is featured on Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album.  She tweeted yesterday that her “little monsters” make get-well videos on his behalf.

According to The Daily Telegraph (UK), Clemons (like Narada Michael Walden) is a devotee of Sri Chinmoy.  He told Rolling Stone in a recent interview:

[…] Clemons said: “As long as my mouth, hands and brain still work I’ll be out there doing it. I’m going to keep going ’til I’m not there anymore. This is what’s keeping me alive and feeling young and inspired. My spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy told me that my purpose in life is to bring joy and light to the world, and I don’t know any better way to do then what I’m doing now.”

He needs all the prayers and good feelings he can muster at this moment.    Hold him in your thoughts.

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