Vanessa Long Has Left Both Bishop Long and His Church

No wonder all the Sunday service hoopla regarding that stack of cash given by a female parishioner.  Did Long think that people wouldn’t find out where his woman has gone, and make a connection?

From Mo Kelly’ Reports:

Mo’Kelly has ANOTHER bombshell to drop.  Not only has Vanessa Long left Bishop Eddie…she’s left New Birth altogether and worshiping instead at another Atlanta church! (And it ain’t Creflo Dollar’s).

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral is under the ministerial direction of Bishop Dale Bronner and the new church home of Vanessa Long.

The (now former) First Lady has COMPLETELY departed from anything and everything New Birth-related.

In addition, it seems that Vanessa has been out of the family home for a good FIVE months.

FIVE.  Like since the beginning of the mediation process.


(No word on whether Eddie’s Jheri-curl lacefront toupee is also planning on leaving him too…)

It appears that the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Eddie Long has simply moved on to a less corrupt but more capitalistic Christian venture run by the descendants of the Bronner Brothers.  Bishop Dale Bronner is one of six Bronner sons who combine both hair care products and Christian ministry.  Sez Wiki:

Bronner Bros. has not been quiet when it comes to the company’s Christian beliefs. One of their most successful organizations is The Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral in Austell, GA ( The ministry has more than 10,000 credulous members and over five branch ministries which it has birthed.  This Christian center was founded by Bishop Dale C. Bronner, Bronner Bros. founder Nathaniel Bronner’s son. Under the motto “Reaching the lost, teaching the found,” the center provides a number of ministries, including Christian education, Sunday school classes, singles ministry, marriage ministry, prison ministry and the Bronner Business Institute which provides training for those who want to become entrepreneurs. The Bronner family also founded The Ark of Salvation Worship Center, which Rev. Nathaniel Bronner, Jr., Rev. Charles Bronner and Rev. James Bronner (The Brothers of the Word) lead. This ministry produces television broadcasts throughout the week as well as some leading online ministries including:,,,, and

Wikipedia’s going to have to clean up this entry:  it definitely seems written by someone in the Bronner Bros. PR department and is way too slanted.

The Bronners cleared about $38 million in 2004; it’s bound to be more by this time.

Compared to the Bronners’ outfit, New Birth definitely looks like a jumped-up cult.  Bishop Bronner came out of Morehouse’s divinity school, top of his class.  Plus, their church, like the business, seems bedrock and does not necessarily need parishioners’ tithes in order to keep going, although it certainly helps.

Interesting.  I would not be surprised if Vanessa Long becomes a pastor herself in this environment.  All that’s needed is the serving of the divorce papers, like the icing on the cake

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