“Go The F*ck to Sleep” As Read by Actor Samuel L. Jackson

This book, Go The Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, has gone viral among adults, especially those who are parents of young children.  No, it is not meant for children or to be read to children.  It’s a parody of a children’s book for the daddies and mommies who have to deal with little boys and girls who just will not put their heads down for the night.

Apparently, the real, live  Samuel L. Jackson heard about it through an agent, thought it was great, and consented to read it like an audiobook or CD.  And you know how good Samuel L. Jackson is with expletive deleteds.  Really, really damn good.

In the pantheon of acting greats there is no one who uses profanity more effortlessly and memorably than Samuel L. Jackson. Last time I checked “motherfucker” is still legally his middle name. Jackson’s ability to express any emotion from angry to tired, anxious, upset or jovial with one four-letter word is incredible. He’s the fucking master of the word fuck – and foot massages.

So who else would be a better narrator for the future children’s classic “Go the Fuck to Sleep?” Adam Mansbach’s children’s book for adults, which was officially released yesterday, reached cult status months before the public got their hands on it. The book has reached No.2 on the Amazon best-seller list back in late April and No.1 by May 12th.

Despite the book’s obvious vulgarity, the central message of the book is the parental frustration of attempting to be a good mother or father when being pushed to the brink by a 4-year-old. Everything from the rhyme scheme to the delightful illustrations, by Ricardo Cortes, is charming and hilarious.

The parody is now in its fifth printing.

If you really want a copy of Jackson’s narration,  it can be found at Audible.com for freeNovelist Mansbach will be on ABC’s Nightline tonight (Wednesday, June 15) to discuss his interesting work.  The time:  11:35 p.m., Eastern, 10:35 p.m. Central.  Check your listings.  I’m sure you’ll be able to find the video on the Nightline website after the broadcast.

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