That Meriter Health Services “Teresa’s Knee” Commercial

Yes, this is a local commercial that has aired for the past nine months (yeah, about time I brought it out, right?).  I love it, because it shows some love just starting between two strangers.  Plus, I like Teresa’s victory dance.

It’s a part of Meriter’s “We Like You Better” campaign that debuted last fall.  There are a couple of others involving other parts of the body.  The heart, for instance.  And then there is one ad extolling its outpatient services.   But this one is cute and possesses that awwww factor.  The actors are so earnest and clean-looking without resembling Mormons, though the accompanying squeak (as in squeaky clean) would vie with that of the cheese curds.  Wish that I knew their names.  There’s great chemistry here.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of their advertising billboards connected with this campaign until tonight.

The music is by Sonic Bloom.  It was produced by Drive Thru Productions under the auspices of KW2:  Knupp & Watson & Wallman, a small but sure advertising firm headquartered in Madison.  They can be found at http://www.  And what can they say about themselves?

What do you get when you hire us? We believe it’s not the proposals. It’s not the ads. It’s the people. So our focus is to give our clients the best people, which leads to the best thinking, ideas and communications.

We hire the best. We treat them like the best. We train them to be the best.

We come from big agencies like DDB, Carmichael Lynch, FCB, BBDO. Our people have worked on Target, Boeing, Pepsi, Chiquita, Miller, HP, Harley-Davidson, Lava Lamp, Oscar Mayer, Trek, Rayovac, GE Healthcare, The DISH Network, The Green Bay Packers, and more.

Our culture means we treat our people like the best. We want this to be the best place they’ll ever work. We offer many little touches, like breakfast and 24/7 pizza, flexible telecommuting, Beer Thursday, an ever-changing art gallery, IdeaLab, &Land; we put a lot into keeping folks happy here.

I know that’s right.  They’ve been around now for twenty-five years.  Must be a great joint in which to work.

Like I said, I’ve been seeing this nice little commercial for quite a while, and now you can, too.

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2 Responses to “That Meriter Health Services “Teresa’s Knee” Commercial”

  1. Meriter is led by a corrupt CEO who de-values nurses and cuts bedside care. We nurses who work there think this ad campaign is a joke, tacky, and simply not true! But the public is always deceived, aren’t they!


    • Maybe I should have said that I simply liked the commercial. Frankly, I cannot stand Meriter either, having worked there for a brief period of time. I sympathize, though, really. Nurses always get the bad end of the stick at any hospital these days, and I don’t think that it is a co-inky-dink.


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